The Importance Of Jobs In The Fashion Industry

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Students that graduate from college should have experience in the industry already by networking and internships. CollegeCrunch informs us that, “An internship satisfies the job experience preference of many employers. It also provides networking connections which may be advantageous after graduation.”(para, 11). This is how they build their resume for their career and can demonstrate their experience. CollegeCrunch also adds, “Success in the field of fashion design requires years of hard work, experience and industry knowledge” (para, 15). Having knowledge on the fashion industry is mandatory and people who want to succeed must keep up with the latest trends. Students should “continue to read fashion magazines and attend fashion events” even …show more content…
However, just like anyone else, people have to work for the position they want. Most graduates start off as assistants in the industry, and progress with the company as years go on. Online media can give people the wrong idea of how much they can make from a fashion design job. They’ll tell you to stray away from it because you won’t make as much as a doctor. Society is conditioned to believe that if you do not make enough money as a doctor, that you cannot be successful. People fail to realize there are so many jobs available in the industry. Companies are always looking for students in college or fresh out of college to work with. They want the best of the best so of course they want to stay current and pick out the next designer before anyone else. Many people believe the stereotype that if someone goes into fashion design, they will become a fashion designer and fail or won’t have a job. This is not necessarily true, according to Statista, “In 2012, the global apparel market was valued at 1.7 trillion U.S. dollars and was estimated to employ approximately 75 million people, making it one of the largest industries in the world” (para, 2). If the fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world, then it is not a failing industry like some people would assume. Numerous jobs are available to graduates and 75 million people are able to make a living with their fashion design job. Jobs are offered world wide as Statista informs us, “Some of the largest apparel markets by country are the United States, Brazil, China, Italy and Japan” (para, 2). Some of the benefits of being in the fashion industry is traveling from country to country consulting and networking with other companies in the industry. Being in the fashion world can be very exciting and fun, but not a lot of people know too much about the life they could

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