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  • Negative Effects Of Abortion

    abortion has always been a very controversial topic. While both sides have benefits, they also may affect many people, especially the mother and child. There are both many positive and negative effects to abortion when it involves the mother. The negatives outweigh the positives, unfortunately. While on the positive side, the mother will not have to care for the child and may be able to carry on with their life, however, that child was ripped from life. If a mother has been raped, she should not have to carry around the child of her rapist and give birth to it. A mother does not need to suffer that, nor does the child. A mother deserves the chance to decide if she would like to have the child. It is her body,…

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  • Effects Of Loss Essay

    The Effects of Loss Tupac Shakur once said, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive...” This quote states, that the things one may lose in life can cause great affect on the emotional and mental well-being of a person. How loss affects a character can be seen in both film and in books. The film, Shenandoah, which takes place in 1965 in America during the Civil War, reflects upon the Anderson family who tries their best to avoid the…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Forest Fragmentation

    impact the surrounding ecosystems in a negative way. This can be referred to as forest fragmentation. Forest fragmentation negatively affects the forests connectivity and function. Fragmentation caused by mine reclamation is said to be “two-sided because both the effect that natural habitat has on the restored area, and the effect the restored area has on natural habitat.” (Craig et al. 2015) It is known “edge effects increase with increasing contrast between habitats forming the edge with…

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  • Book Summary: The Tech Effect

    "The Tech Effect" Before reading books about what technology has done to society I used my phone and laptop every day but now that I am aware my habits have changed. In the book What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains The shallows By Nicholas Carr (2011), Carr states that "We should be aware of technology ,and the way it affects our lives both mentally, physically, and socially;" technology should be controlled by its users and creators of technology, because if we can control technology we…

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  • Effects Of Competition Affecting People

    How Can Sports Competition Affect People? Competition is the basis of life. It has been with humanity possibly since the beginning of humans. Competition can improve life or make it worse. Sports competition can change an individual 's life. While competition may have some positive effects, there are also some negative impacts as well. These effects can show physically. Sports competition can affect people physically. It can change people’s bodies to do a specific task. Physically,…

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  • Short Term Effects Of Media Exposure

    Media exposure can cause short term and long term effects. Short term effects are immediate and occur during the timeframe of exposure to the form of media. These short term effects can affect thought processes, beliefs, evaluative judgements, attitude, emotions, behavior, and physiological responses. (Potter 2014) Cognitive processes may be effected by supplying information and implementing new ideas. An example of a short term cognitive effect would be learning the outcome of a sports game or…

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  • Negatively Valenced Word Priming Effect

    priming effects for negatively valanced words in the meaning judgement task than in the letter search task. Negatively valanced words did have stronger priming effects than positively valenced words. In contrast to this hypothesis, while priming effect was larger for the meaning task than the lettersearch task, this difference was not significant. The second hypothesis was that priming would be stronger for negative words for participants who scored high on anxiety and priming would be stronger…

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  • Mental Illness: The Effects Of Depression On Teens

    Depression. A mental illness that seems to be effecting twenty percent of the teenage population (citation). Believed to be a disease that only effects the poor or a specific race, depression is a disorder that is victimizing even the most popular of individuals, such as Marilyn Monroe. The research question that is explored in this essay, explains the many effects of depression on teens aged 10 -16, which are the symptoms or results of an issue. Many times these teens are unknowingly effected…

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  • What's The Effect Of An Unseen Disability On A Student?

    What is the Effect of an Unseen Disability on a Student? One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein where he states, “but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Similarly, an unseen disability can make a student feel like that fish in that the student is often asked to perform tasks in such a way that is not within their ability. Unquestionably, a physical impairment is obvious and noticeable, while an unseen…

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  • Social Media's Negative Effects On Family

    changed the way we 8communicate, and how we establish social status. It has has effected every institution of society: family, religion, government, economy, and education. There has been both positive and negative aspects to social media. In today’s life, its about trying to find the right balance with social media that society can prosper from it. Social media will always be apart of the world, so instead of deeming it as a negative effect on society, there are ways that it can be more of a…

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