Environmental degradation

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  • Globalization And Environmental Degradation

    Mankind has been confronted with a range of global environmental problems, whose solutions cannot be implemented by individual nations. Most important among these are global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, pollution of oceans and rivers, rainforest destruction and the loss of biodiversity. Lastly, the issue of terrorism and national security has had an enormous impact on global politics, society and economy in the 21st century. In the post-9/11 era, various governments have used authoritative force in an attempt to contain terrorist groups that operate globally, possess sophisticated weaponry, and pose a serious threat to populations around the world. The same mechanisms that enable the international flow of people, wealth and commodities have given rise to a host of potential security threats…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Forest Fragmentation

    Other forms of environmental degradation bauxite mining causes are due to is residue. Bauxite residue or red mud has vast affects on the ecology. The most common problems red mud causes are “wind erosion and groundwater pollution.” (Xue et al. 2015) Currently “there are four major disposal routes, including marine and slurry disposal, dry stacking, and dry cake stacking.” (Xue et al. 2015) Marine disposal poses a large problem in that it causes grave damage to aquatic ecosystem that can be…

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  • Environmental Degradation And The Environment

    Changing the way that the car operates from using gasoline to using electricity will be more useful for environment. The world population will continue to rise and the environment will definitely suffer more negative effects by human activities. The effects of environmental degradation is also due to human activities. Environmental degradation not only reduces the resistance of the natural environment, but it also limits the carbon filter ability of the trees. If the carbon dioxide is kept too…

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  • Environmental Causes: The Degradation Of Coral Reefs

    Richer, more developed countries significantly impact the health of reefs worldwide. In fact, “greenhouse gas emissions average 20.1 metric tons per person- 11 times higher- in the United States and 11.4 metric tons per person in Europe, Japan, Russia, and the other nations party to the Kyoto Protocol” (Donner & Potere, 2007). Countries that depend on corals for income are threatened by world powers. Deterioration of coral reefs is a topic of environmental justice as the “risks borne by minority…

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  • Drought And Agricultural Desertification

    among many others. If even one of these needs is left unmet, the quality of life of man would decline, eventual death of some is not impossible. Among the many needs of man, land is involved most of the times. Men need shelter, they put their houses in lands; men need food, they cultivates them in lands. According to Kassas (1995), land is the terrestrial system that includes soil, water, some organismal growth, and the environmental processes that occur within the system. Such system may…

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  • Drought In Kenya Essay

    Kenya to help maintain the land and reduce land degradation. One of the SLM is maintaining and managing natural water sources which used by agro-pastoralists. The Mara river basin is a major source of water in the Serengeti, not only for the wild life but the rural community that rely on agriculture as a source of livelihood in the area. Over the years drought has led to the decrease of water in the river. This has lead the community living around the area to migrate closer to the water source…

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  • The Theme Of Consumerism In The Movie 'Wall-E'

    “Wall-E” focuses on land pollution, which can be defined as, “the deterioration, or destruction of the earth’s land surfaces, often directly or indirectly as a result of man’s activities and their misuse of land resources” (EschoolToday). Land pollution like the one seen in “Wall-E,” can occur when garbage is not disposed of properly, or when chemicals and insecticides in the soil during farming and agricultural processes. Poor and careless human interactions like these are continuously…

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  • Fracking Or Hydraulic Fracturing

    In a rural town where population is not large where natural gas is found beneath. The perfect location for the process of fracking. Fracking or Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling down into the earth and releasing a high pressure water mix to obtain natural gas. Fracking began as an experiment in 1947 and started commercially in 1950 and since over two million “fracking jobs” have been done since. The process of fracking is very controversial around the world and has even been…

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  • Importance Of Public Awareness Of The Environment

    individually and collectively towards the solutions of current problems and prevention of new ones”(UNESCO UNEP IEEP Environmental Education Series6,1990). The need of the time is to make people sensitive towards nature through a strong programme of environmental education. It is a way of creating knowledge, understanding values, attitudes, abilities, skills and awareness among individuals and social groups towards the environment protection. It is very necessary for each individual to develop…

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  • Individualization Plant A Tree Buy A Bike Save The World Analysis

    Michael F. Maniates (2001) article, Individualization: Plant a Tree, Buy a Bike, Save the World?, challenges the idea of individualized, consumer-based environmental solutions. The author attracts the reader immediately by recalling a famous Dr. Seuss tale, The Lorax, which tells of a "short sighted and voracious industrialist" who is blinded by greed and destroys the landscape in order to produce "Thneeds" (pg. 31). However, the book ends with a sense of hope, by commanding a young individual…

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