Book Summary: The Tech Effect

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"The Tech Effect"
Before reading books about what technology has done to society I used my phone and laptop every day but now that I am aware my habits have changed. In the book What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains The shallows By Nicholas Carr (2011), Carr states that "We should be aware of technology ,and the way it affects our lives both mentally, physically, and socially;" technology should be controlled by its users and creators of technology, because if we can control technology we can use it in good ways by maintaining our regular lives.
Technology and its effects on our lives is an important topic today. Many teens will agree that they repetitively often turn to technology as a distraction instead of a tool. Technology has affected my professional life in both good and bad ways, For example I am able to do my homework ,and write reports easier than a teen would have many years ago, but I also find myself not being able to read a book for long time periods because I'm accustomed to skimming through the information. In the book "The Shallows" Nicholas
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In the time period we live in now a days most would expect all teens to not have a social life. I can understand why those older than my generation would think teens have their faces glued into a cell phone screen, because we constantly carry them around with us. Yet this is not the case for some; when I am with my girlfriend and we go out we put our phones away and have a conversation that usually last the whole date. This has not only helped me maintain a steady relationship but this has also helped me become an amazing speaker in in both groups in my class room and with friends off campus. This is a struggle for many teens because they are unable to balance and control when it’s a good time to use your smart phone or when to start a conversation and put down the devices

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