Mobile Phones: The Negative Effects Of Phone Addiction For Teens

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Nowadays, technology develops better and better. Some people can 't even live without a mobile device for a day. Right now, people all use their phone to make the social communication, they use the phone to make a call, to text, to go to Facebook, Instagram and all the social media apps. Mobile phone become a part of peopl 's basic life. But if we don 't find a right way to use the phone, it will bring negative effect to our daily life. Especially for youth, because they are lack of self-control, it will make them be so easy to have an addiction to the internet.

Why only focus on the youth? Because the teenager is a part of a group that not mature enough and still have many new experience in their life. They are really easy to influence by
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By the technology development, there are revelations of phone each year, the function of phone are more and more. Mobile phone can do everything for us and people keep their phone everywhere everytime. Teenager are not old enough to have the ability to control themselves.

There is a research post called “ 25 Surprising Facts About Phone Addiction”, in the article, it says “Most people would simply keep their cell phones in their hands and keep turning the screen on to make sure that they have not missed out on any notification, call, or message.” and “Most of the phone addicts completely cut themselves off from real life and thus limit interactions with people and other real life experiences. They see the world through their phones and interact less”(intext citation!). It is true the phone have bring us a lots of convenient us, and some of the people use it as a benefit tool in life, but acturally the majority of
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“ Users aged between 15 and 19 spend at least 3 hours per day on average using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.” The first thing they do in the morning is to check their phone to see if there any new message. The phone and the social media have too much effect to young people 's normal life. To distress them from the school life and the study they suppose to do. People use the social media app on phone to do all of the communicate and far away from the real world. The teenager became the main population of cellphone addictied and they need some help from their parent, to take responsibility to them and point the right way for

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