Negative Effects Of Abortion

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MAIN ARGUMENT Adoption versus abortion has always been a very controversial topic. While both sides have benefits, they also may affect many people, especially the mother and child. There are both many positive and negative effects to abortion when it involves the mother. The negatives outweigh the positives, unfortunately. While on the positive side, the mother will not have to care for the child and may be able to carry on with their life, however, that child was ripped from life. If a mother has been raped, she should not have to carry around the child of her rapist and give birth to it. A mother does not need to suffer that, nor does the child. A mother deserves the chance to decide if she would like to have the child. It is her body, …show more content…
It also differs with open and closed adoptions. With a closed adoption, the mother has no contact with the child whatsoever and may allow the mother to move on with her life easier than if she had kept contact with the child, thus making it a positive effect. However, because the mother will not keep in touch with the child, she will never know anything of the child’s life, thus this could also be a negative effect. With open adoptions, it is the opposite. The mother may stay in contact with the child if she pleases, making it harder to move on. While this may be a negative effect, she will learn of this child’s …show more content…
Adoption agencies are overflowing with children. These children are locked up their whole lives, when they turn eighteen and are free to go in the world, they may not know what to do. These children make up a part of our society and economy. They may suffer with many different mental conditions, and act out to get some form of attention.
Abortion is not simply a sense of “Just use a condom.” Abortion can happen in many ways, such as rape. It is going to happen, whether it is legal or illegal. It is occurring all over the world, by thousands of women daily. Millions of women injure themselves each year in effect of unsafe abortions. Many women even die from trying to preform unsafe abortions on themselves. If it is going to happen, why not just legalize it? It can help protect millions of women each year.
Adoption agencies are overflowing with children. Abortion is illegal, so what else are women to do when they are forced to have a child they do not want; they give it up for abortion. While these kids are given a chance at life, unlike those of abortions, they are locked up with many other children until they are eighteen, if they are not adopted. The results of these adoptive children can be terrible for the

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