The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Family

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Introduction Social media has manipulated the world we live in today. “ A recent study by the Pew Research Center determined that 71 percent of online adults used social media networking Web sites as of January 2014.” (Brandt, Feehan) It has changed the way we 8communicate, and how we establish social status. It has has effected every institution of society: family, religion, government, economy, and education. There has been both positive and negative aspects to social media. In today’s life, its about trying to find the right balance with social media that society can prosper from it. Social media will always be apart of the world, so instead of deeming it as a negative effect on society, there are ways that it can be more of a benefit than …show more content…
This is causing so many families enough pain and grief to the point of divorce. Divorce is an obvious sign of an unhealthy family. Divorce doesn’t just affect the parents, but children are dragged through the experience as well. Social media definitely has a negative affect on the family through this aspect. One of the positive affects that social media has on family is that it can create deeper connections. Any type of social media makes it incredibly convenient to stay involved: apply this to the family and this can have a very positive effect. This also builds a stronger relationship between children and parents. Social media has made it possible to share moments with anyone including the family. Another way that social media has affected the family is that it has broaden the opportunities of communication. It is so easy to constantly be communicating with another person in any location. Families get spread out all over the world, and have a hard time keeping connections with another because it is extremely difficult to communicate one with another, but now social media has created so many ways to keep communicating with everyone. This has strengthened family bonds

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