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  • Measure Leadership Effectiveness

    Just as there is no cookie cutter terminology or phraseology to describe leadership, neither is there a true scientific medium or metric to gauge leadership effectiveness. Generally, the selection of appropriate criteria to measure leadership effectiveness is dependent upon the objectives and values of the person executing the evaluation (Yukl, 2010, p. 11). Unfortunately, objectives and values often differ between the leader and the evaluator, thus, differing values and objectives often produce unreliable and differing results when measuring leadership effectiveness (Yukl, 2010). With no concrete theories or methodologies to measure leadership effectiveness, perhaps the best way to gauge effectiveness is to focus on the indicators of effective…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Winter Stars By Larry Levi

    The Effectiveness of “Winter Stars” By Larry Levis The poem “Winter Stars” by Larry Levis starts out depicting a story that a boy is remembering from his child hood. Levis vividly depicts the boy’s father “breaking a man’s hand” (Levis) on a piece of farming equipment because the man named “Rubén Vásquez” (Levis) attempted to kill him with a well described knife. His father then proceeds, with no empathy, to grab some lunch and listen to some music. The boy then contemplated the meaning of life…

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  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage Of A Business

    This article highlights the concept of strategy and other crucial factors for a sustainable competitive advantage of a business without losing its (uniqueness) position in the market. Porter (1996) emphasizes that management tools such as benchmarking, outsourcing, partnering, and engineering have drastically taken the place of strategy. Due to the fact that management fails to distinguish between operational effectiveness and strategy, these management tools improve the operational…

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  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Case Study

    interacts and functions. Throughout this study, the goal is to decrease stress in families and increase positive relationships and behaviors that can enhance the family. While research has been conducted on the effectiveness of PCIT for parent-child dyads, not much research has been conducted on the effectiveness of group PCIT in a community setting. The purpose of this study was to observe if group Parent-Child Interaction Therapy holds the same effectiveness as it does for parent-child dyads.…

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  • Drenches Case Study

    internal and external parasites especially in sheep. It is used in the worm control on any farms. Drenches is also known as anthelmintics as they contain active ingredients that kill the helminths in the stomach. Basically, there are three major types of drenches which are the suspensions, solutions and emulsions. (P.Junquera, 2015) Drenches can be a “broad spectrum” when they treat an extensive range of internal parasites or “narrow spectrum” when they treat only a restricted range of internal…

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  • Ebola Pros And Cons

    As medical technology’s improvement and consummation, people always want to find a best way to treat each of diseases, and some researchers are confident about that. Anyhow, we do admit that sometimes they really did what they wanted. Such as, many diseases can be controlled, or even cured now. Nonetheless, not all of illnesses, most of time we should say that researchers who are trying to find a best way to help people with diseases rather than to treat diseases. The most influential example is…

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  • Tablet's Effect On Toddlers

    Throughout history, there has always been an initial societal reluctance in adapting new technology. The fears leading to this reluctance come in a broad spectrum ranging from the coercing of societal changes to the biological effect they may have on humans. Regardless of whether or not this reluctance is rationally or scientifically based, it is something that most new forms of technology go through. Currently, there is great debate regarding the benefits and harms of the use of tablets (ex.…

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  • Confidentiality In Corrections

    these institutions is rare and the confidentiality that the inmates can expect is somewhat limited compared to confidentiality outside of the institution. This and other factors such as mistrust of the institution’s employees can prevent individuals from seeking help and is therefore a hindrance to successful treatment (Kupers, 2005). Still, some inmates can have access to a multitude of support systems. These systems can be both formal and informal and encompass sources such as family, friends,…

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  • Summary Of The Kentucky Cruelty Campaign

    The goal of this memo is to present a set of proposed questions about the Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign which will posted on the PETA Facebook page. We want to know the public’s opinion on the website for the campaign so that we can make changes to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Summary In 2003, PETA launched the Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign. The campaign seeks to change the fast food restaurant KFC’s treatment of chickens. The restaurant KFC has been known to commit…

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  • Vietnam Combat Veterans Case Study

    Albright and Thyer (2009), believed these limitations increased the chances of random error and decreased the overall sensitivity to detect significant treatment effects. In conclusion, Albright and Thyer (2009) stated that their review illustrated that there is a lack of evidence to support the effectiveness of EMDR on combat veterans with PTSD. Moreover, this topic should be researched further before being used as a common treatment strategy for this population (Albright & Thyer,…

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