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  • Divorce

    Cause and effect of Divorce on Children Divorce is a serious problem transmitted worldwide among the teenagers in United States and is not a good thing. The most important thing one needs to save marriage is trust and loyalty. Majority of couples decide to take a divorce due to many reasons such as, having an affair, disagree in taking decisions, less communication, change in behavior and stressfulness. Many children’s careers are affected by their parents’ decision of taking divorce. Some children react to their parents’ divorce according to their age. Young children do not react as they have no clue about the situation, and some teen children may react as they might think because of them they are taking divorce and feel guilty. They may…

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  • Divorce Vs Divorce

    On the other hand, when marriages do not work out, many of them end up in divorce. The divorce process may take longer than planned, but could take around 9 months for the process to be completely over and done with. A divorce for married people who have children together may take even longer. This may be because the couple may have to agree on specific days and times each spouse gets the children. When the parents cannot agree to these terms, the parents will usually have to go to court and…

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  • Divorce And Fault-Based Divorce

    the population (Strong, 2013). Divorce does mean to terminate a marriage, but there are actually two types of divorces- no-fault and fault-based divorce. No- fault divorce means that the couple can file without having to accuse one another of such acts. The couple can easily file irreconcilable differences to end things for good. As for fault-based divorce, one spouse is held accountable for the failed marriage through such actions as infidelity and domestic violence. The couple are not the only…

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  • Divorce Effects

    Enduring Effects of Divorce Research has shown that “half of all children born to married parents this year will experience the divorce of their parents before they reach their 18th birthday” (“The Effects of Divorce”). Divorce is a pathway that leads to several different outcomes. In essence, children who have been raised in a broken home are forced to face problems that may persist with them for the rest of their lives, causing struggle with emerging relationships. Continual conflict between…

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  • Divorce Rates

    Whites are getting divorce less than Blacks (Saunders et al 2013). Whites have a percentage of 10.7, who are divorced and 1.6 who are legally separated. For Blacks, the percentage is different, it is 11.2 percent who are divorced and 4.3 percent who are legally separated. There are 85% of blacks see themselves as religious. The divorce rates for Blacks is increasing. The rate is going up from 9.7 percent in 2000 to 11.2 percent in 2011. Some of the pastors believe a decrease in coming to church…

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  • Marriage And Divorce

    Marriage and Divorce The article, “The State of Our Union” by: David Popenoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, discusses marriages and marital relationships in the United States. Rutgers University utilizes yearly data on marriages and divorces. This information and statistics show both increases and decreases in marriages among men and women of different races and ages throughout the decades until the new millennium. “The State of Our Union”, shows us that most people plan on getting married in…

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  • The Importance Of Divorce

    I happened to be around eleven or twelve years old when my dad told me that he decided that he wanted to get a divorce with my mom. At the time that age can be key because it was not super young nor super old. The day he told me the news I felt my heart break, the silence was so quiet you could hear a feather hit the ground. I felt so much emotional pain that I could not even bring tears to my eyes. It was such a sad moment in my life because I did not see it happening to me or my family. I have…

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  • Divorce Law

    There are plenty of reasons as to why you would need a divorce lawyer. Unfortunately, not every relationship is meant to last. When two people do decide to get a divorce, their emotions are running high. Everyone expects a relationship to last, but unforeseen events do happen. As a couple does enter into a divorce, there is a need to hire a divorce attorney. With both spouses giving a lot of effort into a marriage, divorce can be a very hard issue to digest. Divorces do happen often and are…

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  • Parental Divorce

    One problem that poses a big threat to the future of children in America is the issue of divorce. The disorientation of the family unit caused by the high rate of divorce in most homes is something that needs urgent and critical evaluation by those in authority and the society at large. But why is the divorce rate in its all-time high since 1970? It appears couples can no longer afford to tolerate one another anymore, therefore they consider divorce as the only recourse to problems that they…

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  • Dealing With Divorce

    Divorce is one word that ties a million feelings together. Usually the word divorce is a word that no person or child ever wants to hear. Divorce is simply the understanding of a marriage not working out, but it means so much more. This word can tare relationships apart, feelings, and depression. The affects and events following a divorce are never a good experience. In America the divorce rates dramatically increase yearly by double the amount. The unfortunate event leads to many complications…

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