Django Reinhardt

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    My mother does not play any instrument but enjoys listening to the classical guitar. She says it is relaxing, beautiful and elegant and she enjoys listening to it in the evening and while driving. Her favorite type of music now are alternative rock, classic rock and big band music. She enjoys music that is not main stream as it feel more artistic and original. Much of her love for big band came from listening to Django Reinhardt. His impressive guitar playing and upbeat feeling captured her attention. After listening to his songs she branched out to all big band. She feels the light and airy sound of the music is easy to listen to all throughout the day. Her favorite band is still U2, she enjoys all there albums and enjoys their whole hearted lyrics. The lead singer Bono is one of her favorite celebrities as he is very humble and does significant charity work. Overall, she enjoys music today but likes it to be easy to listen…

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  • Essay On 1920s Music

    musicians, including Joe “King” Oliver and Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, brought jazz out of New Orleans where it started and into northern cities such as Chicago and New York. In 1922, Oliver started one of the first big bands: the Creole Jazz Band. This group demonstrated a specific sound featuring a “two-cornet lead” (Howes, Slovey). Armstrong was the second cornetist for the group behind Oliver himself. The band performed pieces including “Just Gone” (1923) featuring Oliver and Armstrong on…

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  • Individualism In The Play Trifles

    changing their answers, both characters try to achieve certain equilibrium as they become parallel with each other. Setting the reader in a more liberal era, Betty portrays a self-thinking, valuable woman that serves as identity to all independent women at the time. For instance, when Bill gives a positive opinion about Faulkner’s works and she simply says, “I think it’s pretty boring”(Ives, 1). Additionally, Betty speaks her mind out after Bill shows to be interested in her; part of her…

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  • Heavy Metal Music

    the genre take hold in Delta Blues and early Rock n’ Roll. One major influence on the styles of metal was a man named Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson was an African-American born in 1911 in the state of Mississippi. Growing up as an extremely poor black child in Mississippi, Robert did not have a terribly good childhood. Learning to play the guitar and sing the blues was about all that was known about him. One of the most famous rumors surrounding the mystery who is Robert Johnson, was that he…

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