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  • The Dog Ate My Disk Analysis

    In the essay “The Dog Ate My Disk, an Other Tales of Woe” Professor Carolyn Foster Segal explains that even after lengthy syllabus warnings and a humorous cartoon of a cat explaining to its teacher that a dog ate its homework, students still came up with multiple excuses for being tardy, absent or turning in assigned work late. She categorized the excuses into these five categories, the family, the best friend, the evils in dorm life, the evils in technology, and the totally bizarre. For family, Segal points out that “The death of the grandfather/grandmother is, of course, the grandmother of all excuses” (565). Students will use that excuse all the time because the teacher will probably show pity for them in their sorrow. Demonstrating the friend category is blaming a friend in need “My best friend was up all night and I had to (a) stay up with her in the dorm (b) drive her to the hospital (c) drive her to college because (1) her boyfriend broke up with her, (2) she was throwing up blood, or (3) her grandfather/grandmother died” (565). These were some of the reasons given for helping a comrade. There are also the problems of dorm life, where there is an evil roommate that always is always being obnoxious. “My roommate, who is a horrible person, likes to party, and I, who am a good person, cannot concentrate on my work when he or she is partying” (566). The author states that it would be easy to go study somewhere else like the library or somewhere that is quiet.…

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  • Case Study: A Fish Story

    Aiza Nageeb A Fish Story Not everything in life is crystal clear; sometimes we need to dig deeper to find the true meaning behind a particular idea/thing. In the case study, "A Fish Story" a college professor is trying to teach his students a lesson by making them observe a small fish on a white plate. For three days in a row, the professor assigns the students the same assignment and as the days progress, the students find new results. The first day the students notice basic physical…

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  • Essay On The First Folio

    (letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.) backwards and by hand (Mays, 2015). The folio required multiple printers, and since they were responsible for the spelling that explains why no two Folios are the same (Mays, 2015). Since there were different views on how to spell specific words, one printer spelled something one way, but then his colleague would spell it differently for the next copy. The aspects of the printing process can get very detailed, and though these facts are rarely discussed in…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hearing Interpreters

    Another weakness I noticed in my work is I would apply my own knowledge and logic to my interpretations, which is a skill that can be great, but it can also backfire. For example, one docent signed something that I was certain was accidental, so I decided to correct her mistake in my interpretation. This was a strategy that I have seen other interpreters use, and know it to be effective, but I found it was the wrong choice for this moment. The docent caught my correction and made me reinterpret…

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  • Vertigo Film Analysis

    after having signaled a docent over. He occupies the foreground in roughly in a three-quarters shot with the camera at about chest level. In the background sits Novak in an extreme long shot. As the docent moves into the shot at roughly 2 seconds in, he goes to occupy a similar position to Scottie, directly opposing him, creating a sort of symmetry in this shot, as divided through Novak. Following this, there becomes two main planes of action within this shot, with Scottie and the Docent talking…

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  • A Review Of Ploughing In Nivernais By Rosa Bonheur

    The artwork I have choosen to do my visual analysis on is called, Ploughing in Nivernais. This work was created in 1850 from oil on canvas. This painting measures 52” x102”. The artist, Rosa Bonheur, was best known for her photo realistic paintings. Bonheur liked to paint animals; she even went as far as to visit a slaughterhouse to study animal anatomy. Bonheur’s father was the one to teach her how to paint. Bonheur ended up becoming one of the most famous women of her time, and one of the…

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  • The Four Evangelists

    Made during his lifetime, 1577-1640, this canvas joins several others in The Triumph of the Eucharist Cycle (The Docent Collections Handbook). This was a series of tapestries made surrounding Eucharist or Mass in the Roman Catholic Church (The Docent Collections Handbook). Themes from this series are biblical, involving the beliefs of the monarchs at the time as well. This work is made from oil on canvas, painted as a large baroque painting. Baroque describes the details on the canvas, which…

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  • Advantages Of Disadvantages Of David And Goliath

    Just like being wealthy docent put your over someone it just means you got a head start in life. Being at a disadvantage gives you a better insight on life, motivation to succeed, and allows you to become more optimistic. With these few tools you can better yourself as a person mentally and physically. Mentally allowing you understand and interpret what others say to you more in-depth and physically because you will become someone that will be able to help others when they are in need of…

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  • Balanced Scorecard Case Study

    Moreover, given the amount of intellectual capital within an academic institution, it is imperative that the docents, assistant docents, lecturers, professors, and administrators be included in the BSC strategic planning process. A method the Dekan can use is the Virtuous Strategy Cycle (Martin, 2010). It is a framework that enables employees (faculty) to send information back upstream, improving the knowledge base of decision makers higher up and enabling everyone in the organization to…

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  • David Owsley Museum Analysis

    making use of the museum throughout the entire course of the afternoon. Students were witnessed serving as docents, utilizing the provided study area, conducting research throughout the exhibits, playing the grand piano in the Marjorie Petty Harper Sculpture Court and simply strolling through the galleries. Thus my visit provided observable evidence that the museum is actively serving the university community. 
 For educators desiring to schedule a class tour of the museum, a…

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