Creative Writing: The Ancient Greek Drinking Vessel

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“What is this?”
Said the small girl clinging to her mother’s thin leg, “ Well, this piece of pottery is called the the Ancient Greece Drinking Vessel.” Her hands swinging around while trying to explain the artwork to this little girl and her family. The little girl looking confused as ever. The docent gave a little smile and a laugh, “ Maybe a little to complicated for you huh?”
The little girl nodded her small head in response.
“Well I think I can make this a little bit easier to understand for you, How bout’ that?”
The girl smiled and laughed and the docent stood up and met the mother’s eyes, she gave her a small smile.
“ Well, you know that pitcher that your mom puts your favorite lemonade in?”
She laughed, “ YES! My favorite lemonade!”
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Well, this is a smaller version of the pitcher only they people that lived a while ago called it a vessel.”
The confused look on the girl’s face started to fade away. She started to smile and look up at her mom to find her smiling as well at how well she was with her daughter.
“Thing cool thing is back way, way before you were born” Her hands moving past the little girl as a guster to define ‘way, way’, “ it was much smaller and it was used to pour wine and water kinda like your pitcher at home for you lemonade.”
She smiled again, her eyes wider than ever.
As the docent stood back up to say goodbye to the little girl’s mother she had bumped the art.
The floor was hardwood to make the room to look nice and fancy for the guest. Which made it and even worse deal that the art fell off.
“ Oh my god”
The girl felt sympathy for the lady because she was so intriguing and sweet and started to run after the broken vessel and she

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