A Review Of Ploughing In Nivernais By Rosa Bonheur

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The artwork I have choosen to do my visual analysis on is called, Ploughing in Nivernais. This work was created in 1850 from oil on canvas. This painting measures 52” x102”. The artist, Rosa Bonheur, was best known for her photo realistic paintings. Bonheur liked to paint animals; she even went as far as to visit a slaughterhouse to study animal anatomy. Bonheur’s father was the one to teach her how to paint. Bonheur ended up becoming one of the most famous women of her time, and one of the leading animal painters of the 19th century (Ringling Docents).
Bonheur used both warm and cool colors to create this artwork of oxens ploughing a field. If you look at the painting closely, you can see the precise details used to create the salvia coming

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