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  • Contextual Interpretation

    historically one is looking at the world in which the text was written, and what the authors or editors originally wanted the Bible to say. Another of the three methods of interpretation is literary. Literary interpretation analyzes the text from a literary standpoint. One who is interpreting the text in this way would look at literary devices, and theological presuppositions within the Bible. The last method of interpretation that one may use when reading the Bible is contextual. A contextual interpretation takes into account the readers environment, biases, and other things that effect how the reader sees the text. Contextual interpretation is most imperative for how someone may use the word of God in everyday life. It is an interpretation that helps the reader use the Bible in modern…

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  • Best Interpretation Essay

    to discuss my assumption that the best interpretation of a work of literature is the author’s intention for the work, as it is the basis for the work. This paper criticises this assumption as it does not allow for a sufficient understanding of literature and since there is no way to prove that there is a best interpretation. The paper offers a new assumption to alleviate these problems which states that a set of interpretations which have sufficient textual evidence are the best interpretations…

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  • Robert Plummer Interpretation

    Biography Dr. Robert L. Plummer is an Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, School of Theology. Plummer has a B. A. from Duke University, Ph. D from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and additional studies from Jerusalem University College. He has written 1 book, co-written 4 more books, and has written/commented on many biblical articles. His latest book, written in 2010 is called 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible (40…

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  • Interpretation Of The Poem Richard Cory By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    In the short poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson dubbed, "Richard Cory" is a short poem about a man who seemed to have had it all and was happy with himself while the other townsfolk idolized him whenever he happened to pass them by. The narrator and the other common folk even go far as too describe him as someone almost ethereal in a sense that he was beaming brighter than everyone else when he walked through town. Eventually though on a seemingly clam summer night, Richard Cory took his own life…

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  • What Is Statutory Interpretation

    Statutory interpretation may be required when the meaning of the legislation enacted by the Parliament is unclear. This may occur due to many reasons such as; legislation failing to consider a specific point, a broad term being used to cover numerous possibilities , ambiguity, a drafting error, new technological developments, and changes in the use of language over time. In this essay I will attempt to answer whether statutory interpretation gives unelected judges unprecedented power to…

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  • Susan Sontag Interpretation Analysis

    upon the interpretation of dreams. What do they mean? What is their purpose? What do they say about us? Using his interpretation to pull psychoanalytical significance from their confusing narratives, he would examine the dream by isolating certain elements and trying to find meaning in each segmented part. In Freud 's work interpretation plays a key role in understanding meaning, however Susan Sontag in her essay Against Interpretation challenges this idea and argues, “ interpretation must…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Dream Interpretation

    In “On Dreams”, Freud (1901) lays out many of his thoughts of the fundamentals about dreams and their interpretation through the interpretation of his own dream which occurred on July 23-24th, 1895. In this case study, the fundamental concepts of dream interpretation will be outlined beginning with an analysis of the difference between manifest and latent content of dreams. Also included will be a discussion of of condensation and displacement as forms of distorting dreams and the related…

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  • Brennan's Argument Analysis

    and without a doubt spent many hours pondering the correct interpretation of the constitution. In Brennan’s “Speech to the Text and Teaching Symposium”, the Associate Justice not only responded to Meese’s argument with his own view but also rebuked the originalist view of the constitution. The truth about strict interpretation is, “in truth it is little more than arrogance cloaked as humility” claims the Justice. According to Brennan, the originalist view demands that Justices decide exactly…

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  • Last Year In Marienbad Analysis

    After understanding that this was done intentional I don 't believe it’s possible to say that the film was necessarily “good” or “bad” because everyone 's interpretation and willingness to interpret is different when watching the film. If this openness was not intentional then I could understand why the film could be considered unsuccessful or “bad” but we know that it was intentional because the use of non-narrative storytelling, unreliable sources of information, and vague scenarios…

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  • Metacommunication Analysis

    The first scenario that I used metacommunication was when I was working at Chartwells and my manager came up to me and said, “Zac, you have been running your station perfectly today.” Besides the original intent of this statement, metacommunication conveyed this statement into a couple of interpretations. My first interpretation was that throughout the whole shift, so far I have been working efficiently. My second interpretation of my manager’s statement towards me was that he has liked how I…

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