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  • Heptatonic Scales

    to the chromatic scale, attempted to write all the possible heptatonic (seven-tone) scales in his book Sketch of a New Esthetic of Music. Busoni states: That some few have already felt how the interval of the Series of Seven might be differently arranged (graduated) is manifested in isolated passages by Liszt, and recently by Debussy and his following, and even…

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  • Negative Reinforcement On Fixed Interval Schedule

    reinforcement on a fixed interval schedule. Every Monday through Thursday when I get home, I will go over my lecture notes for 30 minutes for all 5 classes with breaks in between of every 30 minute sessions of 10 minutes, for the remaining of the 2016 Spring semester, and if I do not meet the required amount of time, I am not allowed to use my cellphone for one hour which will immediately happen upon failing to meet the time limit. In one study which demonstrates how effective negative…

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  • Sprint Interval Training Research Paper

    Sprint interval training (SIT) is a subclass of high intensity interval training (HIIT), defined as “4 to 6 repeated bouts of high intensity, short duration (<30 s) sprints followed by a relatively long recovery time (~4min).”1,2 In contrast to SIT, traditional endurance (TE) requires more time and is typically performed at submaximal levels. Past research has shown that SIT typically improves anaerobic performance while TE typically improves aerobic performance.3,4 However, more recently…

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  • Case Study: Springdale General Attitude Survey

    The majority of the respondents were single or not married with 84 total. One interesting fact was, the unmarried shoppers were nearly equally satisfied at the Springfield Mall and Downtown. It would be interesting to know the sort of goods that are sold at these two places to see if they had goods that were catered to singles as in a collage town. The Margin of Error Table 6 below depicts managements request for the size of sample required to obtain a 95% confidence with a margin of error…

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  • Innocent And Guilty Suspects: A Case Study

    variability appeared on numerous occasions. Variability is the extent to which the values measured or observed for a variable differ. Variability had to be documented in order to keep measures in order. The next thing involved the between subjects design in which two groups or more of subjects are being tested by a different testing factor. In the article, the subjects in each of eight conditions and one out of four crime videos. Likert type scales were also used within research. A Likert scale…

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  • Case Study: Beltway Shoe Company

    Statistics % Ratio of Data Original Price ($) Sale Price ($) No. of Days to Sell (days) Mean = Point Estimate = 108.62 85.24 62.36 Original Price to Sales Price % = 78.48% Original Price to No. of Days to Sale % = 57.41% Data for Beltway Shoes Price of $125 = 125.00 98.09 71.76 Note: Data was compiled from Colorado State University - Global Campus. (2015). Module 5 – Sampling and Statistical Inference [Critical Thinking file named shoes.xls]. In MTH410 – Quantitative…

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  • Primary Outcome Measure

    patient-days or as little as 5.88 per 10,000 patient-days. The confidence intervals for the All-states estimate and for the ACT do not overlap, which indicates that there is a difference between the two rates. To check this, I also calculated a rate ratio: The rate ratio for these two incidence rates (blue) indicates that ACT had a 1.83-fold, or 83%, higher rate than for all other states combined. We are 95% confident that the true population rate ratio could be as much as a 2.08-fold…

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  • Condominiums For Sale Case Study

    In fact, Anderson et al. (2015), stated that “the value .95 is referred to as the confidence coefficient, and the interval 78.08 to 85.92 is called the 95% confidence interval” (p. 340). This should express that a normal distribution will always follow this rule. Therefore, if one wanted to ensure that home sales were still tracking to normal distribution, a quick calculation would ensure it. If home sales or prices experienced an unusual circumstance, this calculation would allow one to see if…

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  • Estimating A Deer Population Essay

    and 2 as well as the number of recaptures in period 2, we were able to estimate the population size for grasshoppers in the two locations. Utilizing a 90% confidence interval allows for the most accurate assessment of the true population size. However, the confidence intervals are quite large which could possibly bias the data. We found that the grasshopper population for the Wednesday site decreased over time, when comparing the 2015 data to data collected in 2012. Whereas the Thursday location…

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  • VAR Model Analysis: Analysis Of Granger Causity

    As Granger Causality does not show us a complete picture of interactions, it is of a great interest to know how an impulse in one variable could influence another variable in the system which contains several other variables as well. Figure 1 shows changes of endogenous variable GDP growth expected by a shock in oil price of 1%. The upper and lower lines show two standard errors bounds based on confidence interval of 95%. On the basis of impulse response functions it could be concluded that…

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