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  • Aesthetic Induction Essay

    comparative effects of sevoflurane and desflurane on QTc interval and cardiac rhythm during anaesthetic induction in children. The use of anaesthetic drugs may prolong the QTc interval of the ECG and this might also result in arrhythmias which may be fatal to the patient. In the study, the author recruited twenty children who are going to undergo inguinal hernia repair sugery, who do not have previous medical condition with normal QTc interval and no cardiac arrhythmias. Eleven of the patients…

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  • Applied Behavior Analysis In Psychology

    When an animal is conditioned to make an operant response to a definitive stimulus is referred to as discrimination training (Gray & Bjorklund, 2014). Herrnstein, Loveland and Cable (1976) argued that comparing the definitive stimuli commonly used in operant conditioning (100 Hz tones, 465 mµ lights) to real natural setting defy concept of responding to a specific stimuli. For example, in natural settings a squirrel will not only respond to acorns similar to the one presented on an image in a…

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  • B. F. Skinner's Operant Conditioning

    ratio reinforcement, fixed interval reinforcement, variable ratio reinforcement, and variable interval reinforcement. Continuous reinforcement is simply providing a reward whenever a desired action takes place. Fixed ratio reinforcement is when a reward is awarded after a set amount of desired actions. Fixed interval reinforcement can be explained as a reward being given after a set amount of time has passed if the appropriate action has taken place once in the time interval. Variable ratio…

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  • Importance Of Data Analysis

    calculations, but we continue to use this type of data to classify students inadequately. The interval level of measurement provides more concrete data analysis. Values are created based on data that can be ordered and have a distinct difference between each level, hence the term interval measurement. Variables at the interval level can be used in calculations and drawing conclusions. The interval level does not have a zero or starting point, but changes at a constant rate. The range between…

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  • Introduction To Quantitative Analysis

    The first variable is the age of the respondent, which is a categorical variable measured on nominal scale. The other variable is the number of adults in household of the respondent, measure on ratio scale. Further, we will prepare a confidence interval for the number of adults in household as it is a ratio variable, based on which we can draw inferential for the population. Data Display A graphical representation of a variable help understand some of the useful characteristics of the data for a…

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  • Electrocardiogram Lab

    period, r-pulse interval, and pulse amplitude will be affected by both exercise and after cold conditions have been applied. The cold conditions will slow the heart rate due to vasoconstriction, so the beat period will lengthen resulting in a longer r-pulse interval, as well as a decrease in pulse amplitude. . After exercise however, there will be an increase in blood heart rate due to vasodilation. This will cause the beat period to shorten, resulting in a shorter r-pulse interval, as well as…

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  • Workout Research Paper

    low intensity intervals and cool your body down. Talking as a whole HIIT makes a person more tired in a shorter interval of time than normal conventional workouts. A person undertaking HIIT does more in less time and a person who follows conventional workouts does less in more time. Example of conventional workouts: - Doing bench press in a set of 6, with each set containing up to 20 repetitions and each set has an interval of 30 seconds or more. Example of HIIT (High Intensity Interval…

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  • Cardiac Arhythmia Case Study

    impulses from the SA node spread to the other areas and stimulate them so frequently they are not able to generate action potentials at their own inherent rates. Thus the faster SA node sets the rhythm for the rest of the heart. In Figure 1.3 the shaded interval gives the SA nodal impulse…

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  • Quadratic Formula Lab Report

    In order to derive the Quadratic Formula by completing the square, it was important to verify that the quadratic equation was in standard form which is ax? + bx + c = 0. By using this correct form, I prevented myself from using the wrong values for a,b, or c which could result in an incorrect solution. I began by rewriting the equation by subtracting c to the other side which isolated ax? + bx. I divided the equation by a because it was multiplied on the squared term. In addition, I took the…

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  • Comparison Of Motility And Flagellar Length In Chlamydomona

    Motility and flagellar length were compared in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii before and after deflagellation. The Chlamydomonas were deflagellated by a low pH shock and were observed for flagellar regeneration in 10 minute intervals for 50 minutes. We found the average number of cells that were motile after 50 minutes of flagellar regeneration was 43.80 cells. The difference in motility before deflagellation and after flagellar regeneration was due to flagellar length. Less motility was observed in…

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