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  • Yona Wallach Let Them Come Analysis

    worthy of people’s, more specifically men’s, respect. A technique used by Wallach in “Let Them Come” to create a sense of importance in the speech of the woman was the repeated phrase, “let them…” It was used at the very beginning of each phrase and used a total of seven times in the thirteen lines of the poem. Using repetition commands the attention of the reader to give impact to the readers that the woman is telling, not asking the people to come to her and meet her needs. This is where the reader can draw conclusions that the voice of the poem comes from a woman in high standing that has power over a group of people. On page 119 of Let the Words the poem “Masturbation” Yona Wallach discusses the struggle of connections between an intimate couples. “Again you slept with mr. man not loving his empty look and hugged his no body.” From this first passage the reader assumes that the woman involved with this man doesn’t seem to have a deep loving connection with them. She seems disinterested; she doesn’t seem too impressed with his body and isn’t sexually excited to see him. There is no lust or love seemingly present between the couple they seem to be disoriented in their relationship sexually. “Your lover’s eyes stare at a strange point not exactly toward you not in you, he’s so young and already bitter,” this passage indicates that the man doesn’t look at her like he used to, and that their life has become a routine and the excitement is not longer present. The…

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  • The Definition Of Justice In Plato's Republic

    Socrates expresses that,“…is it because of the spirited part…that we call a single individual courageous (Plato 99).” It can be found if one has courage in the spirited part. In the state, the soldiers represent courage. They fight and defend for their city. They obey the rulers and are their allies. To ensure that the rulers and soldiers will fight for their city; Socrates proposed a noble lie to maintain the city’s justice. He will try to persuade the rulers and soldiers that they do not…

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  • A Simple Life Analysis

    1. Lines from this portion of my story work such as, “Terry sat upon the porcelain god, reading a Science Daily magazine” and “Then in an unseen instant – the roof popped and cracked in a blaze of glory as everything went up into a cloud of sizzling smolder.” – These lines work because they focus in on the comedic tone that I was looking to convey through the story and they show rather than tell. I think that more lines like this could make the story feel more natural. 2. In this portion of the…

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  • Erickson's Initiative Vs. Guilt Period

    The ecosystems perspective looks at all parts of development as one all system, each a subsystem contributing to the process that individualizes the individual. Interactionalism makes a person who they are, it socializes them. Leslie Atkinson, Barry H. Schneider, and Christine Tardif concluded in Child-Parent Attachment and Children’s Peer Relations: A Quantitative Review, “…intimate experience of family life is more closely associated with the child’s success in forming intense, intimate…

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  • Film Analysis: The Age Of Love

    about love in older adults. We viewed this movie as part of an assignment for our gerontology class. After the movie there was a panel discussion and we were able to ask questions. “The Age of Love” During…

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  • Benefits Of Technology To The Deaf

    Technology is an integral part of most people’s lives today. Recent studies report that approximately 62.5% of the world’s population are smartphone users (Boal). This number is only expected to increase, reaching a whopping 90% by the year 2020 (Mlot). Another study shows that 58% of smartphone users do not typically go more than one hour without checking their phones (“Lookout”). Whether for work or entertainment, the majority of people use some form of technology at least one time per day.…

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  • The Importance Of Personality In Marriage

    According to Barton Goldsmith, “Compromise is something that combines qualities or elements of different things. It does not mean giving up or giving in. It is a blending of hearts and minds, and that is what makes a marriage.” (Goldsmith 2010) An example of how to compromise is not trying to be the winner of a conversation, it is about hearing what your partner has to say and trying to see the other persons point of view. Bringing up past arguments or keeping a tally is not part of the…

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  • Forthips: The Importance Of Cheating In Relationships

    How is that relevant to cheating? “Overall Physical affection has the tendency to release feel-good hormones. This is an important part of any healthy relationship” (“Importance Of…”). When cheating in relationships the cheater is usually unhappy and not getting the affection, or attention, that she or he needs. Therefore they look for other ways of getting physical affection from other people. Affection can be defined as a “fond attachment, devotion, or love” (“Affection”). Examples of simple…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas And Consequences Of Sexuality And Marriage Relationships In Hong Kong

    free from arbitrary power, patriarchy or violence in the modern Hong Kong. The romantic love rides over utilitarian meanings of marriage and romantic love ‘till death do us apart’ since the nuclear nature of relationship emphasizes emotional tie between two individuals. Self-disclosure, social exchange, Dependability and demonstrated mutual interest are positive elements in modern Chinese society to form an intimate…

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  • Importance Of Young Adults Relationships With Parents

    have a role where they can help to promote their young adults’ to achieve intimacy. If the parents successfully help their young adults to achieve the sense of intimacy, it enables the young adults to keep a loyal, long-term intimate relationship with their significant other. If the young adults and their parents are close, they tend to engage in face-to-face maintenance behavior where young adults can take this quality and apply it to their friendship to develop a good quality friendship. In…

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