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  • Personal Narrative: Christmas Day

    Christmas Day 1996, I was born to a Black father and a White mother in California. I had what I thought was the perfect family: two loving parents who provided for me, a younger sibling that I could have fun with, and pets to play with out in the yard. I had friends who I would regularly enjoy the company of. I truly thought I had the perfect life! I had this mindset for the first 10 or 12 years of my life, and nothing drastic had happened to change that. Little did I know, that was about to change. I moved to Northern Michigan when I was 6 years old. Even though I was so young, I knew it was quite different than California. As I reflect on that experience now, I would’ve expected to be greeted with some kind of racial prejudice when I first moved there. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. I immediately made new friends, finding them at my local church and even making friends with the kids on my street. I continued to view my life as perfect or the best it could possibly be. Who was I kidding? My life was pretty good. Nothing major had happened to me, my parents, my sister, or anyone else in my family. I had no complaints. After 6 years of living in Michigan, My parents had to relocate the family again due to the job economy. We found ourselves in Texas, which I was soon to discover was the complete opposite of California or Northern Michigan. When we first got there everything was going okay; we were adjusting to a new state that had a completely different atmosphere and…

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  • Yona Wallach Let Them Come Analysis

    In Yona Wallach’s poem “Let Them Come” found on page sixty-six from the Collected Poems (1976), Wallach entices her readers with a poem about a woman who is having her last moments but wants her mourners to come and serve her. “Let them come and bring me foods,” this first line implies that she wants someone to serve her the last meal she will eat. The diction used and phrasing techniques lead the reader to believe that she is of importance. Specifically “let them come” as in she was okaying…

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  • The World Of Nagaraj Analysis

    conversations an outstanding deal to himself. He is an early bird who can’t stay in bed after “the hall clock struck six” 1 (p.1). He performs the qualities of contentment and satisfaction. Nagaraj seeks for existence devoted to the nobler and higher pursuits and ideals. He does not desire to make it just physical and carnal. He ‘fancies himself as a man with a mission’2 (p.1) something of a scholar and spiritual man. He likes to dress in the act of a Hindu divine man and bypass the hour…

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  • Flashbacks In Rashmi Jain's Dance Like A Man

    in which he tells the audience about his upbringing and how he has been influnced by it. It gives an insight as to why he is so dominating in nature and wants everyone to obey him. The second flashback is of Kiran, who tells the Mehta family about her relationship with Hasmukh and her drunkard husband. Kiran tells Sonal about the different dimension of their relationship and how Hasmukh has been inconsiderate to the feelings of the people around him. She recollects her past life when her father…

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  • Extrinsic Values, Socieds, And Consumer Habits

    Over the years society has adopted certain behaviors, trends, and consumer habits. When individuals reflect on the past and how society is now they are quick to say that technology is responsible. This may be true, but what convinced consumers to buy all these products as society continued to advance? The answer to that question is advertising. Good advertising is the reasons why we follow certain trends, buy certain goods, and adopt certain behavior habits. In an article by Business Standard on…

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  • Genotyped Essay

    risk. It is true that they mention that this service is considered only informational but you can not control how people deal with the results. Someone might get a result that explains falsely he is not at risk but he might actually be at risk[5]. Reference list 1.Alsmadi, Osama, Khalid Al-Rubeaan, Gamal Mohamed, Fadi Alkayal, Haya Al-Saud, Nouran Al-Saud, Nasser Al-Daghri, Shahinaz Mohammad, and Brian F. Meyer. "Weak or No Association of TCF7L2 Variants with Type 2 Diabetes Risk in an Arab…

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  • Talkative Man Character Analysis

    were his family. He would look after the library and its readers when they came there for study. He was well known to our narrator, TM. Varma: He owned the boardless Hotel in Malgudi. He was the friend of TM. He was self-made, rising from a menial job to his present station as the proprietor of the boardless hotel. He was not much of a talker, but a born listener. He had an undying faith in Indian mythology, its gods, goddesses and demons. Sambu: He was TM’s neighbour at Kabir…

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