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I would like to be genotyped to see if I am a carrier for certain alleles for Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 (TF7L2) gene and if my family is genetically susceptible to the diseases. In other words, I want to know which SNP and what genotype I hold. The reason behind my decision is that I know that T2D is caused by environment and genetics. Getting tested will help me take further actions if my results show that I have predisposition. Many factors contribute to type 2 diabetes, for example, obesity, lack of exercise, and nutrition. Recently, many studies have shown that genetics play an important role in the disease too. Those studies investigate the linkage between T2D and close members, for instance twins. Researchers have …show more content…
My decision was based on what I am going to do after my test result is out. It turns out that I need to exercise, eat healthy food and take extra precautions since T2D is also caused by environment and bad habits. People need to understand that genetic tests are crucial these days after the environmental changes and increase in incidence rates for many diseases. Detecting any abnormalities or changes early is the best option available. Working on such a project was a great practice. I was a able to learn how to evaluate the credibility of sources, read a scientific article and extract the useful information. Furthermore, I was able to do a research on a product like the 23andme and see things from different perspectives. I don 't know but in future I might work for this company or start my own company so basically being able to evaluate the resources and services provided by the company is completely beneficial for me as a customer and someone who is interested in the …show more content…
First, If anyone would like to know his health status for a certain disease, he has to go to the hospital and seek medical help and that because these services have to be highly restricted. According to 23andMe website in UK, they provide a drug response service. I could only imagine if a patient thinks that he can use such test to manage his drug dosage. The results will be devastating. Another service they provide under the same category is genetic risk. It is true that they mention that this service is considered only informational but you can not control how people deal with the results. Someone might get a result that explains falsely he is not at risk but he might actually be at

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