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  • Sugary Drinks

    Half the people in worldwide consume sugary drinks on any given day in present generation. Sugary drinks such as Coke Cherry, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola and more are listed in top calories source diet for teens with surrounding 150 calories in a day. In USA and other developed nations, they are having a parliament for healthy environment by reducing production of sugary drinks to solve the obesity problem and trying to help getting a better healthy lifestyle for their people. According to the statistic reported by The World Health Organization (Sugary Drinks | The Nutrition Source, n.d.) and Malaysian National Health and Morbidity (Malaysia's Obesity Rate Highest In Asia, 2016), obesity rate in Malaysia has been ranked as top sixth in Asia, with…

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  • Energy Drinks: The Side Effects Of Energy Drinks

    In 2006 alone, 500 new energy drinks were created. Energy drinks, that which typically contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine, are equally if not more dangerous to children. Even though the target market for energy drinks are young adults aged 18-35, teenagers are often consuming significant quantities of these beverages. “According to self-report surveys, energy drinks are consumed by 30% to 50% of adolescents and young adults.”(pediatrics 1). “Of the 5448 US caffeine overdoses reported…

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  • The Metabolic Effects Of Drink Green Tea

    1. Drink green tea. Receive: If a recent study, the metabolic effects of green tea (to extract) compared to placebo, the researchers found that green tea drinkers burned about 70 more calories in 24 hours. If you believe that these 70 calories per day for a total of 7.3 pounds of fat annually add up! It is not magic, it's science: researchers believe that the difference of antioxidants called catechins, which improve metabolism in green tea. 2. Avoid calories a glass. Scientists now know that…

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  • Compare And Contrast Coffee And Energy Drinks

    products that contain caffeine are coffee and energy drinks. When it comes to both of these things people can argue on how one is better than the other or how they’re both bad for you. There are statistics to prove both of these sides to be correct. There are many similarities between coffee and energy drinks; however, when it comes to differences, the health risks of energy drinks outweigh coffee. Caffeine is an ingredient in coffee, and many people use it to start off their day. What many…

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  • Energy Drinks Crisis Essay

    The crisis of kids drinking energy drinks is an issue that is small but contributes to the issue more and more as time is going on. Having an energy drink has become a social norm with so many people starting to drink them. This is also leading to more kids drinking these types of drinks when they are young enough that should not need that energy boost. Having kids think that they are going to need the boost to get through the day because they are falling asleep in school is an issue that needs…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Energy Drinks

    After a long and a frustrating day at school, you still have soccer practice to go to. What do you do? Oh wait, a can of RedBull should get me through the practice. But how good of a decision is this? It is a fact that energy drinks do give energy, but is it good for the human body? Energy drinks come in a tall cans with many different colors and a catchy slogans that grabs many teenagers attention. We see them all over the place like commercials, billboards, radio and even school cafeterias.…

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  • Sugary Drink Soda

    Whether it’s having a cup of coffee to start one’s day, smoking a cigarette to relieve the stress, or simply just having a sugary drink to please the taste buds. Soda is very bad and harming to the human body and should be replaced by water. Soda can cause type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood sugar, and even cancer. It acts like a drug to the human body, yet drinking it is socially accepted. According to Steven Reinberg, a HealthDay news reporter, in his news report titled,“1 in 3 Americans…

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  • Energy Drinks Persuasive Speech

    Energy drinks, they are good right. Wrong, they are bad for you; it could be considered just as dangerous to your health as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Sure it hasn’t killed as many people but someday it will get there. Especially if there are no laws made about it. It is truly harming kids because their bodies are not developed enough yet and it’s really affecting their health. Monsters, there was a boy who had drank three of them quickly. Who know why but he did, well that boy is now dead.…

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  • Berkeley Drinks Less Soda

    With her article “Faced With a New Tax, Berkeley Drinks Less Soda,” published in The Upshot of the New York Times on August 25, 2016, health care reporter Margot Sanger enters a fierce debate about the impact of the soda tax on the consumption of sugary drink. Since 2014 when the tax first went into effect in Berkeley, California; attempts to impose the tax have been a matter of public controversy, and this is what motivated Sanger to produce this piece. The story’s “Kairotic moment,” as…

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  • Sugary Drinks Essay

    Soda and other sugary drinks have been around for as long as I can remember. However, only recently I have seen an increase in the diversity of the beverage industry. They are inventing energy drinks and shots that claim to be a safe way to keep people alert and awake. In addition, now “healthier” options such as diet sodas or zero calorie drinks are being produced. Why would people choose these processed drinks over ones they know for sure are healthy such as water or milk? With adults learning…

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