Childhood obesity

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  • The Effects Of Obesity On Childhood Obesity

    Our First Lady’s platform is on childhood obesity and she has worked with the FDA to improve the standards of school lunches and has started a website Let’s Move (“Michelle Obama Pledges to ‘Fight until the Bitter End’ For Lunch Standards”). There are more than nine million children between the ages of six to nine that are considered overweight. Also, 70% of children who are considered obese are more likely to continue being obese into adulthood (“Obesity Statistics”). My research question will focus on what causes child obesity. My thesis is that technology is the main cause of child obesity. Throughout my research paper, I hope to educate my audience on the problem of how vital childhood obesity is becoming and how to prevent it so that American children will be healthier. The benefit to this paper is that it will inform my readers about the causes of child obesity and will encourage them to prevent it. I want to write about this topic because I struggled with child obesity, and I finally made a change in my life through eating healthier and exercising. In addition, I hope that I will further educate myself on the causes of child obesity so I can be aware of signs to look for in my children. Also, I am religious and believe that I have to be physically healthier in order to serve God. My intended audience will be parents who have children who are obese and want to help them make a change in their lives. Review of Sources The majority of my sources are from…

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  • Dangers Of Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity is a rather new term but it is taking the world by storm. It is extremely hard to find an individual in this country that has not heard the term childhood obesity. Unfortunately this is a very serious problem that a large number of children in the United States are faced with. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2014), said that approximately 12.7 million or seventeen percent of children and adolescents aged two to nineteen are considered to be obese (Childhood…

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  • The Causes Of Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity is increasing year of year. A study by The American Heart Association shows that obesity in children has more than tripled from 1971-2011. As Doctor Richard Jackson mentions on many occasions in our textbook, this is the first generation of children in which their parents are expected to live longer (Jackson, R. 2012). This is a trend we must work together to reverse. If we don’t, we could see one third of children developing diabetes in their life (learn the facts, n.d.). …

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  • Childhood Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

    Wonseleah Yleah Professor Hayes CENG 106-03 03 December 2016 Childhood Obesity With nearly one third of children overweight or obese, the number of overweight and obese youth has been increasing dramatically in recent decades, and it’s becoming an epidemic. Although the definition of obesity has changed over time, it can be defined as an excess of Body Fat (BF). A child is obese when he or she is well above the normal or healthy weight for his or her age and height. According to OALib…

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  • Childhood Obesity Intervention

    Childhood obesity rates have been steadily increasing over the years and is an epidemic in America. “A recent study of 15 industrialized countries revealed that teens in the United States had higher rates of obesity than teens in any other country studied (Hawkins & Linvill, 2010).” Childhood obesity “is linked to a host of physiological problems such as coronary heart diseases and premature mortality (Reilly & Kelly, 2011).” Statistics such as these show a clear need for intervention. In this…

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  • Factors Of Childhood Obesity

    They prefer to take their children out for dinner instead of making an effort and cooking a homemade meal. In today’s household most parents work full time, this gives parents little time to prepare proper meals for their family. This, in part due to the hectic and fast pace lives of dual income families. The core problem of childhood obesity is due to the lack of understanding and education that parents have, parents need to equip themselves with the necessary skills, in order to maintain…

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  • Causes Of Childhood Obesity

    What is the first thing you thought when you hear the word epidemic? Is it aids? Maybe flu? But the fact is, many experts considered obesity as an epidemic due to the rapid growth of the number of obese children globally. Thirty years ago, the rate of obese children in the USA has been increased three times. Unsurprisingly, America is now taking the lead of the highest number of obesity all over the world. According to the article “Childhood Obesity,” in the 21st century, childhood obesity is…

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  • Implications Of Childhood Obesity

    This fact makes childhood obesity one of the largest growing epidemics in America. Childhood obesity has a negative impact on children for a couple of different reasons. Obesity creates many complications regarding a child’s physical health. Bullying coincides with childhood obesity which results in peers taunting another child due to their physical appearance. In addition to harassment by other peers it also affects the way they feel about themselves which ultimately affects self-esteem. This…

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  • The Importance Of Childhood Obesity

    The purpose of this proposal is to demonstrate why obesity in children and adults should be considered an important national issue that requires the development of a public policy. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) (2011), being obese entails having a body mass index of 25 or higher. In Canada, about one in every four adults is considered obese (Tran, Nair, Kuhle, Ohinmaa, & Veugelers, 2013). Furthermore, childhood…

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  • Childhood Obesity Problem

    A health problem that affects millions of people all over the globe is childhood obesity. A way to have a decrease in the amount of childhood obesity is by there being an increase in the amount of physical activity that is done. One thing that is made and maintained with the likelihood of increasing physical activity is having walkable built environments. For the main point of the following study we will be looking at children and obesity and their BMI z-scores and if the walkable built…

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