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  • Should Drones Be Banned

    Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have a variety of purposes. Those purposes range from peaceful aerial photography and recreation to uses in war and terror. With such a range of uses, many fear for the worse and think that regulations aren’t enough and that drones should be banned from private use. But their uses in farming, law enforcement, and recreation have showed promise over the last few years. Even though some believe that they should be banned, in reality the good outways the bad and the private use of drones should not be banned. Instead, regulations and restrictions should be put in place in order to prevent the fears of some from becoming true. Drones were used as early as 1849 for military use. But since then, they have evolved and have gained multiple other uses. Today drones are used for recreation, law enforcement, farming and many other reasons. With the constant change in technology who knows what the possible uses for drones could be. Their never ending possibility has made them a target to be used to commit acts of violence and crime. Threats posed from there possibilities have quickly been eliminate as regulation and restriction have been put in place. Drones…

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  • 3dr Research Papers

    3DR Solo 2.0 Created by the technological wizards at 3D Robotics, the 3DR Solo 2.0 is billed as "the drone with a brain." Oddly enough, the drone does not come with a camera or a gimbal system out of the box; instead, you have to buy both separately. The good news is that the 3-axis gimbal supports any GoPro 4 camera, making for some fantastic customization options. Amazon has the 3DR Solo 2.0 for sale at $559, $599 if you would like the gimbal included. 3D Robotics, meanwhile, offers the drone…

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  • Surveillance In Max Hjortsberg's Drone Poem

    people. Technologies of surveillance such as camera monitoring, data-doubles and drones have changed how individuals choose to In Max Hjortsberg’s "Drone Poem", it is important to remember that there are living people piloting the drones mentioned in the poem with motives behind their decision to watch. The introduction of drone technologies changes what it means to watch or be watched on a basis of presence. This essay will facilitate an understanding of "Drone Poem" expresses the changes that…

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  • Good Uses Of Drones Essay

    Would the use of drones in the U.S. be a good thing? Drones offer a multitude of good uses for the people of America but there a few bad uses as well. A couple of the good uses for drones would be commercially by businesses or they could be used on the police force as well! Both of these examples would provide the greatest positive affect on America. Criminals and enemies of the U.S. could possibly use the drones against the U.S. COMMERCIAL USE OF DRONES FOR BUSINESSES The first major positive…

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  • Military Drones

    Drones, An Issue Of Democracy? Military drones are an amazing piece of technology that allow the U.S. to battle combatants that it would otherwise be unable to target due to hostility of the combatants and the distance of the combat zone. The military’s advancement in drone technology has increased exponentially in the last decade, and continues to seek improvements. They’ve only recently researched into problems that can arise from implementing the technology into current U.S. military…

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  • Analysis Of Open To Inspection By Lewis H. Lapham

    The issue I will discuss is spies by Lewis H. Lapham. My whole life I’ve wondered if there are people who live in the shadows that gather information on our country’s enemies and even spy on the average citizen. I think every person should be concerned with being spied on it’s an invasion of privacy and breaks the rights we have as humans. It bothers me that there is a group of people that knows everything yet we only get told what they want us to know. The two main articles I will discuss are…

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  • How To Fly Around Drones

    State and hold a lecture for the students. His job is certainly not any ordinary job. He is lucky enough to get to fly drones around different landscapes most days! But his job is certainly not just fun n ' games! It is expensive and requires a lot of knowledge, and hard work it is not simply just flying a drone. You are possibly asking yourself what in the world does this man do for a living? What kind of job allows you to fly around drones? The answer being three-dimensional modeling as…

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  • The Sinners Choir: Music Analysis

    At the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar on 194 Queen Street West, The Sinners Choir performed in the genre of Americana, Free Jazz to an audience of around twenty-five people. Free Jazz was first introduced in the summer of 1960 when Saxophonist Ornette Coleman and his band recorded This is Our Music for Atlantic records. In the album, “Coleman reordered structural principles to offer the members of his group maximum melodic and rhythmic freedom,” (Anderson 2007, 1). He accomplished an improvised approach…

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  • Elvira Madigan

    OBSERVE MUSIC Concerto No. 21 in C major for Piano and Orchestra, K.467, second movement is also known as “Elvira Madigan“; named from a Swedish film and was used at length on that sound track. The graceful, slow movement would sooth any beast with its rhythmic resonance and graceful rhythm. This classical piece still entices a longing to close the eyes and listen to the swaying beats as the mind wonders through the ebb and tide of this musical dynamic. Movement no.2 starts with many…

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  • Oddities In Music

    Gabriel van Oordt 3B-2 Oddities in Music: the Unorthodox Use of Instruments How does an artist successfully entrance his or her audience into watching and hearing their music video repeatedly again, and again, and again? Several artists handle their publicity differently. Some run large promotional campaigns to get their music out there in a way in which the average person cannot truly avoid their work. Others have their work passed around by their viewers for a multitude of reasons. In order…

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