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  • Fusion Jazz Influence

    Influence of Fusion Jazz Fusion Jazz is a genre of jazz which mainly includes a collaboration of Jazz music with one or more musical genres. Other musical genres which are combined with Jazz include funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin Jazz. Fusion Jazz started to develop in the late 1960’s and this was an era when a huge number of jazz musicians experimented with creating new sounds with electric instruments. The origins of fusion jazz are known to be jazz, rock, bebop, blues, funk, and 20th century classical music. Primary instruments used in fusion jazz consist of electric guitar, piano, electric piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, electronic keyboards, bass guitar, and vocals. Fusion jazz differs in a way that the amount of musical fusion…

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  • Chick Corea Influences

    Chick Corea is an American jazz and fusion pianist, keyboardist, and composer. Chick Corea received the privilege to be part of the electric jazz fusion movement back in the 1960’s along side Miles Davis. From 1941 until today Chick has recorded a total of eighty-eight albums alongside some of the greatest musicians of his time. Chick Corea has become a master of his craft being nominated sixty-three Grammy Awards, and out of which he has won twenty-two. Out of his eighty-eight albums he’s…

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  • Improvisation In Music Essay

    Question 1: Improvisation Improvisation in music is making up the music as one plays, or freely. Improvisation does not follow sheet music like typical jazz does. However, the term improvisation is not just linked to music. Movies and television shows also have a technique with the same concept which is improve but with acting. Both of these mean the same thing, which is the artist/actor has the determining factor of what they will play or say. One genre that uses improvisation as a major…

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  • Nuclear Fusion Essay

    Nuclear Fusion and the Remains of a Dead Star Throughout the history of Earth, multicellular organisms rely on one thing, the sun. And throughout the observable universe, there are million of stars out there just like our sun. These stars could be different however, with either more mass, volume, heat, etc. In our high school career, we learn a lot about astronomy, such as the order of the planets in our solar system. We also learn about gravity, rotation of planets, and how long it takes…

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  • Tito Puente: The Mambo King In Latin Music

    the genius of “mambo king”, Tito Puente. Tito Puente, who’s referred to as the mambo king in Latin music, was a fusion of many styles…

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  • Jazz Vs Rock Music Essay

    Jazz is a music genre which originated from African American society in the United States in the late 18th and early 19th century. Jazz music emphasizes improvisation along with the use of different musical instruments. Rock is also a music genre which originated in the United States in mid twentieth century. Rock music refers to rocking and rolling, reference to dancing and sex. Also it uses different types of recording techniques and unique instruments. Rock ushered in psychedelic rock era.…

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  • Jazz Influence On Rock And Roll

    and supremely intelligent and melodic improvisations, he taught us all to play jazz” (“History of Jazz”). In this quote, Wynton Marsalis was talking about Louis Armstrong. Jazz music has impacted the world and cultures, it shares in so many ways. Modern jazz has continued in this tradition, singing the songs of a more complicated urban existence. Now, jazz is exported to the world. Jazz music greatly influenced all kinds of music that is popular today. One of the types of music that was…

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  • Free Jazz Analysis

    Jazz music has evolved greatly over many years establishing a large variety of different styles within it. I will investigate the deepest roots of jazz and also take a look at some of the theory behind. In the 17th to the 19th century the true and honest roots of jazz music were just beginning. Black slaves were placed in the deep south to work in cotton fields where they would sing African spirituals, chants, work songs and field hollers whilst slaving away all day long in the heat of the sun.…

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  • The Basic Elements Of Jazz In Louis Armstrong's West End Blues

    Jazz has always been revolutionary. From its early beginnings as ragtime and blues, this music has swept the nation. Before jazz, “white” music dominated the United States, but soon enough classical music and folk songs were being replaced by songs that pushed the boundaries of music. African rhythms and hymns had taken flight and radically changed music in America by creating jazz. Music, as the world knew it, had been traded for something encompassing a whole new set of rules that began to…

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  • How Did Miles Davis Influence Jazz

    American Jazz sensation, Miles Dewey Davis III was born in Alton, Illinois, on May 26th 1926. The nine time Grammy winner is considered to be one of the top musicians of his era. He forever changed the style of jazz and history of music. Throughout his years in music, he has proven to be a universal musical genius that was able to stretch his style of sound for miles. Davis grew up in a middle class home with his parents, Miles Davis Jr. and Cleota Henry. His father was a successful oral…

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