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  • Miles Davis And Miles Armstrong's Impact On Jazz

    Despite rising to significance nearly twenty years apart, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong share a common accomplishment: single-handedly changing the musical genre of jazz forever. With his trumpet in hand, Louis Armstrong took the jazz world, and even the entire world of music by storm with his famous gravelly voice and his focus on solo performances in jazz, a change of pace from the prominent collective improv focused jazz of the time. While making these groundbreaking changes to jazz, Armstrong also charmed the public with his stage presence and charisma. Miles Davis, however made his impact on jazz over the course of many years and subgenres of jazz. Miles began his meteoric rise to fame along with Charlie Parker, as he invented Cool Jazz…

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  • Miles Davis Short Biography

    Miles Davis also known to some as Prince of Darkness was said to be the top musician during his time with a plan set out to change the concept of jazz and how the world see it. Davis was born 1926 in Alton, Illinois. He was a leader of a band named Miles Davis Quintet as well as a well-known jazz trumpet player. This paper will be going into details of the jazz artist Miles Davis from the beginning of his music career to the end. In 1926 a well-known jazz artist by the name of Miles Davis…

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  • Miles Dew Davis: Sketches Of Blue

    Miles Dew Davis was an Iconic figure and trumpeter of the twentieth century in America, born in Alton, Illinois on May 26, 1926. Davis’ compositions changed the evolution of Jazz with masterpieces, such as, Kind of Blue in 1959, Sketches of Spain in 1960, and the Bitches Brew in 1969. Kind of Blue won the bestselling album of the year, and is one of the most sought-after recordings as late as 1998. It was the first Jazz album to reach double-platinum, in addition to being a Masterpiece, Kind of…

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  • Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Essay

    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue One of the greatest albums in jazz - Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue has received innumerable commendations ever since its release in 1959 and has been admired by jazz fans far and wide. Miles Davis and his sterling band that consisted of top performers at that time together brought this masterpiece to the world. This album features Miles Davis on trumpet, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley on alto saxophone, John Coltrane on tenor saxophone, Wynton Kelly and Bill Evans on piano,…

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  • How Did Miles Davis Influence Jazz

    American Jazz sensation, Miles Dewey Davis III was born in Alton, Illinois, on May 26th 1926. The nine time Grammy winner is considered to be one of the top musicians of his era. He forever changed the style of jazz and history of music. Throughout his years in music, he has proven to be a universal musical genius that was able to stretch his style of sound for miles. Davis grew up in a middle class home with his parents, Miles Davis Jr. and Cleota Henry. His father was a successful oral…

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  • Jazz Music: Miles Davis And The Civil Rights Movement

    a period of changes and turmoil. Miles Davis was one of the African Americans who had the courage and willingness to stand up for what was right by fighting for equality. Being a man of music, Miles used his music to show people their desire for equality through his songs. Miles Davis’s music style reflects the civil rights movement through the changes, evolution, and presentation of his music. Jazz music had a specific standard to it, Davis ignored that standard symbolizing that it was time…

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  • Miles Davis And Kanye West Compare And Contrast Essay

    and genres. Even in two distinct genres, such as hip-hop and jazz, two greats can be found with similarities in their tutelage, rise to fame and personas. Miles Davis and Kanye West, despite having so much between them, contain many parallels when observing what made them into icons. Miles Davis is one of the greatest, if not the greatest jazz musician ever. His album, “Kind of Blue”, is the best selling jazz album of all time, going platinum four times. That is nearly four times the sales of…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Role Of Improvisation In Music

    Although while he is playing in the moment, his concentration is less on what he was playing but more on the technique and strategy of how the music was delivered to his audience. The musical development and growth of Miles Davis stems from the many years of practice and performances with jazz greats of his time. His high level career performance was constructed through the combination of these motivic strategies such as repetition, embellishments, inversions, transpositions, and more that…

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  • Koko And So What Analysis

    Research Project A comparison of “Koko” and “So What” “Koko” as well as “So What” are two of the most influential and famous pieces pertaining to Jazz. With “Koko” being composed and performed by Charlie “Bird” Parker and “So What” being composed and performed by Miles Davis. These two musicians are no doubt heavily involved in the development of jazz and are two of the most renowned musicians in the world. “Koko” was composed in the early 1940’s, where as “So What” was composed in the late…

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  • Chick Corea Influences

    Chick Corea is an American jazz and fusion pianist, keyboardist, and composer. Chick Corea received the privilege to be part of the electric jazz fusion movement back in the 1960’s along side Miles Davis. From 1941 until today Chick has recorded a total of eighty-eight albums alongside some of the greatest musicians of his time. Chick Corea has become a master of his craft being nominated sixty-three Grammy Awards, and out of which he has won twenty-two. Out of his eighty-eight albums he’s…

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