Miles Davis Short Biography

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Miles Davis also known to some as Prince of Darkness was said to be the top musician during his time with a plan set out to change the concept of jazz and how the world see it. Davis was born 1926 in Alton, Illinois. He was a leader of a band named Miles Davis Quintet as well as a well-known jazz trumpet player. This paper will be going into details of the jazz artist Miles Davis from the beginning of his music career to the end. In 1926 a well-known jazz artist by the name of Miles Davis was born in the city of Alton, Illinois. At the age of 13 Davis quickly developed talents in playing the trumpet. His father introduced him to this instrument and encouraged him into taking private lessons with a close friend of his that directed music …show more content…
He was so well known that he was even starred on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In the year of 1979 Davis made someone who would have a major impact on his life. Miles found himself in another difficult stage in his life and turned back to alcohol and drug abuse. This time he had an addiction to cocaine causing him to put a halt on his music career for approximately five years. It wasn’t until he met the American actress Cicely Tyson in 1979 that Davis become back clean. The first couple of years of their relationship, Tyson helped to wing Davis off of his addition. The following two years, they had gotten married.
In the early 1980s, according to an article on Miles Davis’ biography; Davis was said to have had rivals. “Another well-known trumpet player by the name of Wynton Marshalis would come to try to publicly humiliate and criticize Miles work. Marshalis expressed himself by saying that Davis ' music was not true jazz.” He even took it upon himself to go on stage during one of Miles performances without permission to do so. Because if this feud between the two artist, it helped gain the International Jazz Festival become well known, which was where the altercation took
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Sadly following short after in 1991 Davis because very sick with pneumonia which eventually led to respiratory distress, leaving him to die at the age of 6. While in the hospital it did tend to bring his relationship with his family and his children closer. In reference to the book Milestones; “it stated that there was a report that Miles was suffering from AIDS and that he would not leave the hospital alive.” Although these reports were never confirmed nor documented he did however he did confirm the role of his ex-wife spreading the rumor. His wife of the time Ciceley did file for divorce in divorce a year prior and with Davis’ drug addictions the injections of the drugs through needles could have been a possibility if

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