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  • Trumpet History

    Trumpet The instrument I chose was the Trumpet and it is a brass instrument that is played in many symphony orchestras or bands. The trumpet is a musical instrument that has a very long history. The earliest trumpets date back to at least 1500 BC and they have been used as musical instruments since the 15th century. Silver and bronze trumpets were discovered in the grave of King Tut in Egypt, and other ancient versions of the instrument were found in China, South America, Scandinavia, and Asia. Most inventions develop from earlier forms, which lead us to believe that people have been blowing into objects to create sounds far before the trumpets. For example, some cultures blew into an animal horn or conch shell to produce a sound. The earlier…

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  • Symbolism In The Trumpet Of The Swan

    The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White is a children 's book, published in 1970, that is full of talking animals, strange events, and fantastical elements. Even with the lighter tone of the story, White’s writing style and storytelling still hold symbolism. From racism to overcoming adversity, White’s stories have a deeper meaning that can resonate with us all on a personal level. The main character of this story is Louis, he is a trumpeter swan. The other swans, particularly Louis’ father,…

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  • 7 Trumpet Analysis

    The first is the opening of the seven seals. The second is the blowing of the seven trumpets. Additionally, the third is the pouring out of the seven bowls of wrath. 1. List the (7) Trumpet Judgments - The events that occur when the trumpets are blown are supernatural, exclusively caused by God. The blowing of the final three Trumpets are more severe than the blowing of the first four, because these are labored “The Three Woes.” This is the first contingency we see of an intense warning…

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  • Amoun Trumpet Research Paper

    up to common day, trumpets are instruments which serve a myriad of purposes. As the smallest member of the brass family, trumpets produce loud and impressive noises due to their complex cylindrical tubing and large bell shaped opening. Commonly used in jazz and concert music, this instrument encompasses a multi purposeful significance along with its attention grabbing sound quality. Trumpets continously endure remodeling to develop perfect harmonic sounds, which are produced by valves and…

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  • Orchestra Compensation

    another. Specific sounds from an instrument me be needed more than others. The violinist is in higher demand compared with the oboist and trombonist; possibly from the sound needed from the instrument in order for the orchestra to achieve a specific musical sound. As far as any other instruments compared with another, there could possibly be a lower or high demand for the instrument performer. The principle viola in comparison with the next highest paid viola has to do with the level of skill…

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  • History Concert Report Sample

    Building. The wooden hall was smaller than I thought it would have been, but it gave the concert setting a more intimate feel. There were three groups presenting that day, each under a different director. Because each group did not have a specific name, I had to label them based on the order in which they performed. The group that I will be reviewing in this paper is the student combo that I enjoyed most of all, the group that performed first and was directed by Dr. Routenberg. The group…

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  • Individual Training Vs Group Training Essay

    Just like parental involvement is crucial to a child 's education, you can gain great benefit from having a third party who 's looking over your shoulder, checking your progress, encouraging you, and being blunt with you when you start slacking off. How Badly Do You Want to Improve? A friend of mine once told a story from his undergrad days. He was a music major and remembers a fellow student—a trumpet player—who was apparently an amazing musician. He was known to practice hour upon hour every…

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  • Essay On Orchestra

    Woodwinds are instruments that has holes in it and gives off a different sound when the holes are covered and uncovered. These instruments are constructed by a person’s mouth. In order to produce a sound it must have wind. The two main resources of the woodwind section is the flute and reed instruments. As the orchestra can be broken down, the flute family could be too. The flute portion can be divided into the open flutes and closed flutes. The main difference is the open flute air is split…

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  • Kill The Pain Analysis

    begins with a quick guitar and drum intro to set the beat and then jumps right into the soulful lyrics. The trumpet is introduced right after the lead vocalist and continues to play in-between singing. Once the chorus is sung the trumpet plays along with the vocalist and the drum switches to a faster pace. The style of this song is soul and funk and it is very fast paced.What Kill the Pain is really about is the civil rights movement. The civil rights period was a time of great struggle for…

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  • Summary: A Concerted Effort

    On Friday September 30th at 7:30pm in Weill Hall I watched the show called “A Concerted Effort.” The show was a collaborative effort between Jerome Fleg’s Santa Rosa Junior College Orchestra and Alexander Kahn’s Sonoma State Symphony Orchestra. The Sonoma State Music Director Alexander Kahn gave the introduction. Kahn in his intro explained how he collaborated with Jerome Fleg’s Orchestra for years. Khan also named each of soloist’s performing in the show. He mentioned how each of the two…

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