Louis Armstrong Research Paper

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The Soul of American Jazz

Name: Louis Armstrong

Born: New Orleans Died: New York

August 4th, 1901 July 6th, 1971 (age 69)

Mention of jazz music, the first people to associate people, is likely to be a clown image, nicknamed Uncle Satchmo (Uncle Satchmo), little cute. He is a husky singer, with a small hand often. His New Orleans jazz style, in Dick Dixieland peiqu, playing the advantages of simple structure, dramatic works. This is Luis Armstrong. He is a huge jazz musician that everyone knows him. Each of the books on jazz music, will mention his name. He is important for jazz, classical music is like Bach, rock music Elvis Presley.

In August 4, 1901, Luis Armstrong was born in New Orleans live in the southern city of Louisiana, the poorest blacks living in slums in the area. Armstrong grew to love singing, but the poor so that he has no formal learning vocal music, people will not think a man will become a great singer. He sometimes participated in youth choir sang in the streets. Earn some pocket money, sometimes singing at church choir singing. For poor Armstrong, singing is a thing that would make him happy during
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He was in the home of a band best, to fill his vacancy, he recommended the 18 year old Louis Armstrong. Older people call him "little Louis", he was born in August 4, 1901 family in New Orleans, black is also poverty. His earliest musical activities is a boy of four duet group organized in the street singing for money. He later sold the coal in the levee on the stem. The first music class Louis Armstrong is in the school in, because he is in 1913 New Year 's Eve with an old pistol to the street and empty package bombs were sent to spend 18 months in the workhouse. When he came out from the school of music, his level is enough in the city to find a team in music Live. The first found the young man 's musical talent famous musician Joseph Oliver is "King", he gave Louis music lessons and its

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