Intramuscular injection

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  • Intramuscular Injection Procedure

    Quantitative Article Sisson, H (2015) Aspirating during the intramuscular injection procedure: a systematic literature review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24, 2368–2375. The following identify how the researcher addressed the five areas of the selected journal article: •background or introduction: The aim of this study was to review current practice regarding aspirating during intramuscular (IM) injections and to propose guidance for future practice. The introduction discusses the fact that administration of injections is a basic “nursing activity”. The author also discusses the debate surrounding aspiration during IM injection and how it is ingrained in the nursing education process. What aspiration means is clearly stated in the introduction.…

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  • Aspiration During Intramuscular Injection: A Case Study

    Healthcare Problem The topic under discussion here is should healthcare professionals continue to aspirate during intramuscular (IM) injections. Administering injections is a basic nursing activity and can be a great source of anxiety for the individual on the receiving end. Can we change that or help to relieve the pain and anxiety by changing our practice? Aspirating during IM injection leads to increased duration of injection time. Does this lead to more pain and anxiety? And will we be able…

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  • Importance Of Prevention Of Medication Errors Essay

    are taking. It is important that patients bring all of their medications to their doctor’s appointment. Patients need to inform their doctor about their allergies and adverse reactions to medications. When a doctor writes a prescription for a medication make sure that you or the patient can read it. It is vital that the patient ask for information about their medicines in terms you can understand. If you have any questions about your medication label be sure to ask the doctor. Another important…

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  • Capital Punishment In Hammurabi Law

    accused emerges unhurt, then the accuser is put to death and his house is given as compensation to the accused. While the system of capital punishment in the United States is not quite as random, it has its own problems that can oftentimes cross the fine line between arbitrary and absurd. Capital punishment is also known as the “death penalty”. This is when a person has committed a crime that is punishable by death through various fatal methods of death. When a person is convicted if a crime…

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  • Death Penalty Debate Analysis

    James Williams Dr. Wenneker ENGWR 300 1 March 2018 Death Penalty, Right or Wrong? Do bad people deserve to die? This question has and still is being debated ever since humans beings discovered the power of thinking for ourselves in a logical manner. In today’s society, most people feel that they must maintain the appearance of what society considers acceptable when in public. When in public, a person may be asked a very important question that reflects their mannerisms. When in the presence of…

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  • Lethal Injection Research Paper

    issue I want to talk about is whether or not medical professional especially doctors should be involved in the execution of prisoners. This paper does not evaluate whether or not lethal injection should happen but whether or not professionals should be involved. Before even writing this paper my current stance is that medical professionals should be involved. But my stance is not backed by any true fact but just a gut feeling. The importance of this issue falls within the practical issue…

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  • The Death Penalty In The Film The Thin Blue Line

    The focus of the death penalty tends to be the execution of an individual who committed horrible crimes and must pay for their actions; however, what tends to be looked over and quite frankly ignored is the percentage of lives who were lost by execution but was completely innocent. This week’s readings and videos, shed light on this aspect while giving it the attention needs. For this discussion, I will examine the primary objectives within the text and movies. Then, I will conclude with my…

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  • Redemption And Capital Punishment Analysis

    4) The execution of Crips co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams caused a considerable amount of controversy, as recounted in the case study “Redemption and Capital Punishment” in the textbook. The execution of Williams was not controversial because he was considered of having been innocent of the crimes he was convicted of or that capital punishment was necessarily too severe for his crimes (for he had been convicted of murdering several people), but rather because he was considered to have…

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  • Capital Punishment Essay: Pro Death Penalty In The United States

    position of God by judging other. I must restate that God is the only one who should control vengeance and retribution, since he has the capabilities to be fair in judgment. Second Main Point: Another solution to the problem is to find an alternative way to punish the wrongdoers for the crimes that they have committed. And allocate the right punishment to fit the crime. Crimes do not need to be handled with the most extreme of punishment the death penalty. The Visualization Step First Main…

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  • Why Do We Need The Death Penalty?

    Hangings and beheadings were often publicized in town. They usually took place in the town square with many, if not most, of the town’s citizens there to watch. Eventually these public sentences were later turned to more private events after times evolved. When the death penalty was first introduced, there was 25 ways to be sentenced to death, not including murder. Today, murder is one of the few reasons to be sentenced. After many reevaluations of the way the death penalty is enforced, there is…

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