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  • Thriller Film Analysis

    confusing. It’s unclear exactly what’s happening and it becomes diverting. Focus the opening more on Ray watching the house and Gracie and Eric. Hence, consider cutting the scanner, or trim it, and/or clarify the events (how is the cop killing related to the plot). The invasion is the inciting event that drives the plot forward. The second act is goal focused on opening the safe. There’s an added twist when the husband refuses to give up the password. The stakes rise in the third act when the husband turns the table on the intruders. The concept of a home invasion thriller is not new to the industry (FUNNY GAMES, PANIC ROOM, CAPE FEAR, TRESPASS and many more). They are a tried and true concept. However, to standout and be successful the thriller should offer the audience something new that they haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, PASSSWORD doesn’t fully offer the audience something refreshing or different. The idea of the husband refusing to provide the intruders with the password has been done before (TRESPASS). The second act, in fact, becomes a bit too repetitive when Gracie and Eric constantly repeat that they will not give the thieves what they want and that they plan to give it to their children. Try to streamline this so that they don’t feel like they are saying the same thing over and over. The story doesn’t really begin to move forward again until Mike arrives around page 75. This elevates the tension and stakes. The stakes further rise when Grace is hurt and…

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  • Theme Of Heroism In The Intruder

    In coming of age stories, the protagonists often experience a grave or dramatic moment in which they take a step into adulthood through a mock heroism - in this moment the reader realizes that who someone claims to be in their imagination is different from who they are in reality. In the story, The Intruder, a boy named Kenneth represents the grave moments in coming of age stories when the protagonists realize they live covered by a mask of heroism. The story starts off with Kenneth is in…

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  • Intruder In The Dust Analysis

    Charles all went back to Lucas’s deceased wife Molly Beauchamp. Miss Habersham and Molly were born within a few weeks of each other and were raised by the same woman even though they differed in skin color. The two women had “grown up together almost inextricably like sisters, like twins, sleeping in the same room, the white girl in the bed, the Negro girl on a cot at the foot of it almost until Molly and Lucas married, and Miss Habersham had stood up in the Negro church as godmother to Molly’s…

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  • The Intruder By Andre Dubus Analysis

    a ton of pornography and masturbating daily. In Andre Dubus’s The Intruder, there was a young teenage boy named Kenneth Girard. Kenny did not know his identity and Dubus gave us many hints in the story to show us why he was so lost. Kenny was caught up with his religion which made him unsure about himself. Through religion, how his rifle played a role, and expectations of being “the man” of the house and the role of his sister made The Intruder a very interesting read for everyone. The role…

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  • William Faulkner's Intruder In The Dust

    Intruder in the Dust is a moving novel that takes places in the 1940’s in Jefferson, Mississippi. Through Faulkner’s talented and universal writing, he bring attention to the cilvil rights issues taking place in the lives of African American during this time period. This novel follows a black man who was falsely accused of murdering a white man and shows the begging of a change amongst society. Faulkner uses the development of his character to express and represent the change society must go…

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  • Super Hornet Summary

    The running joke about the Super Hornet is that it is a “jack of all trades, and master of none”. The truth is that the Hornet and specifically the Super Hornet has been required to replace the F-14 Tomcat, the S-3 Viking and the A-6 Intruder. That required the Super Hornet to effectively satisfy the mission sets of three aircraft. Boeing was responsible for ensuring that the airframe could handle that challenge, and succeeded in most cases. What Boeing was not contracted to solve, however, was…

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  • Who Is Explored In William Faulkner's Intruder In The Dust

    occurrences involving interracial affairs were more like a waterfall. William Faulkner explored and shared his knowledge of society first through Intruder in the Dust and in several other novels following. Faulkner reveals what the majority, the whites, do in reaction to events and how they simply place the blame on the weak and defenseless minorities. This exploration into society through fictional stories, often with nonfictional influences, informs many of the reality they live in. William…

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  • SEAD Doctrine

    In modern air warfare without effective Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses U.S. air power is far less lethal. The Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) is a mission that came to be in the war in Vietnam. With the creation of modern Integrated Air Defense Systems (IAD), U.S. Air power could be loses its effectiveness while still maintaining Air Superiority. While enemy fighters may have not been a threat during most missions the possibility of being shot down by a Surface to Air Missile…

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  • Dr. Rosin's Short Story: The Haunted House

    that he kept under his desk which held a crumpled paper listing the debts and secrets that he has. Rosin himself did not know why he kept it there for he felt it was very unsafe and a cliché at most times. He dismissed the thought of burning the paper when a sudden thud could be heard echoing from downstairs. Rosin quickly pulled out his pistol which he kept hidden in a holster drilled to the underside of the table and went downstairs to investigate. As soon as he came down the stairs he saw one…

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  • University Heights Apartments Case Study

    different aspects of running a business that one must be well versed. With the normal schedules of working a business, the proprietor should likewise be aware of laws that may relate to the firm or could influence the business. The episode that happened at University Heights Apartments raised inquiries on where the liability of blame lies, with the proprietor or the intruder, in this case, it is also important to understand tenant rights in the State of Texas when it comes to security which is…

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