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  • Intuition Research Paper

    3. Apprehending one’s own self in intuition. Dispensing with the habitual view of a stable selfhood and replacing it with a model of an ever changing, evolving self, Bergson reviews our perception of epistemological processes and divides them into the perception of the outside features of an object and the perception of an object originating from within. Due to the practical rationality of everyday life we access the world, other people and our own selfhood from the outside and divide the world up mentally into static fragments that are easily comprehensible and stable. These fragments are then rearranged again and we gain a compete picture which we need for being able to orientate ourselves in the world and act upon it. This also…

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  • Metro Intuition

    Intuition is not my innate knowledge that the metro consists of more than one car, but rather a means of presentation through my intentionality that establishes if my intention will be fulfilled. While I intend the part of the train that I can see, I simultaneously cointend the parts of the train I can’t see; I experience an absence alongside of every presence. Prior to my train moving up on the platform, the unseen cars are an empty intention because they are not physically at hand for me to…

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  • Intuition In Nursing

    really inexplicable, some say even impossible that is part of decision making too. Intuition, that urge to act a certain way without really knowing why, is an important part of why nurses, even the newest ones do the things they do. Robert, Tilley, and Petersen (2014), actually analyzed the idea of intuition and its role in the decision making of novice nurses. That analysis is the subject of this paper and is referenced in Table 1. It was chosen because of my curiosity concerning student…

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  • Moral Intuitions

    To properly understand moral intuitions, it is important to bear in mind their evolution within a social context. Specifically, we ought to contemplate their role within groups of humans, which, as social animals, we evolved in. Doing so will come into play once we consider the limitations and problems that face the utilisation of intuitions in moral theory. In terms of social groups, our moral psychology, and our moral intuitions, serve as devices for enabling and promoting cooperation between…

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  • The Importance Of Intuitions

    Did you ever wonder why you look at something like a math problem and immediately know the answer without too much thought? Then you have found your 3rd eye, or as many know it as your intuition. You may know your intuition by other things like your gut, or destiny. Your intuition lets you think unconsciously since its memories from your past, or even perhaps a past life (if that’s what you believe in). One’s intuition can give someone a brilliant idea and then start brainstorming with that…

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  • Psychic Intuition

    Cody Palazzola 26 October 2016 Professor John Seamons T/TH 1:30 - 2:50 ENGRD 312 Non-fictional Reading and Book Report Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition Vivid nighttime dreams can provoke our minds to engage with spiritual reality. Weather your dreams or déjà vu have triggered the desire in understanding your spiritual self, Sherrie Dillard explains in her book that everyone possess natural and psychic capabilities. Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing…

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  • The Intuition Of Science

    Science is intuitive. The tallest hill can be the shortest mountain. It is through our intuition that we come to know that the big ones are mountains and the little ones are hills. In some ways, the same is true for science. Science encompasses everything ranging from chemistry to archaeology, microbiology to astronomy. There are so many different aspects to science that it is hard to boil down to one concrete and concise definition. Science is involved with the study of the natural world. This…

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  • Ethics And Intuitions By Peter Singer

    In his 2005 paper “Ethics and Intuitions,” Peter Singer seeks to find a new role for intuitions in moral theorizing in light of studies by Jonathan Haidt and Joshua Greene, which seem to cast doubt on the reliability of moral intuitions. These studies suggest that much of our moral reasoning is less based in rationalizing and more based in instinctual “gut” reactions, and that these instincts can be explained in terms of their evolutionary history. Further, Greene in particular demonstrates that…

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  • Logic Vs Intuition

    You may have noticed that in the last few chapters the layers were deconstructed with logic, not intuition. That’s because intuition has an inherent problem. It’s unreliable in stressful situations, and it gets progressively worse the more invested you become. Logic on the other hand, is simple, it’s clean, and you can build on it. Try building a bridge with intuition, or gut feel alone, and see how long it stands! Strong, well considered, logic is the foundation of any truth…

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  • Intuition In To Kill A Mockingbird

    Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life...have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” By this he means don't let the voices and beliefs of others overrule yours, but instead follow your own intuition. This is exactly what Atticus teaches his children in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. In the novel, Atticus shows his children that even though everyone may be against your belief or stand on something, continue to think for yourself…

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