Lethal injection

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  • Lethal Injections

    What role should medical personnel play in giving treatment to a patient who has to die from a terminal illness or a court order? While we know the patient’s fate would be death, it has been controversial in the federal and the medical world on whether medical personnel should assist in state executions, involving lethal injections. The 8th amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, such as executing an inmate by a firing squad, hanging, or electrocution. To carry out this law, the courts require medical personnel assistance, for example in tasks like placement of intravenous lines, monitoring of consciousness, adjustment in medication timing and dosage in state executions (Gawande ). This makes execution through lethal injections…

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  • Lethal Injection

    Although the Death Penalty is cost effective and could save the lives of innocents, the Death Penalty actually goes against the First Amendment, in many instances has executed the wrong person, and goes against many religious and moral views; and additionally is becoming a problem in our own state as the penalty is being rushed in order to make sure the necessary drug does not expire. One of the most controversial arguments is the Eighth Amendment vs. Lethal Injection argument. While lethal…

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  • Lethal Injection Summary

    The Presence of Physicians for Lethal Injection Summary of Major Ethical Positions Physician participation is required in 17 of the 35 states that currently use lethal injection as their main form of execution (Giby, 34). Whether or not this requirement is ethically acceptable as deemed by many medical associations becomes a conflict with the state laws in which these executions are taking place, and also with the federal rulings regarding capital punishment. The American Medical Asssociation…

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  • Lethal Injection History

    Lethal injection is currently used by 36 states. This form of execution is one of the more dangerous ones, but it is the most commonly used in the United States. Lethal Injection begins with binding the criminal onto a hospital gurney with restraints on the bodies extremities. Once strapped down and secured, a medical team attaches an Electrocardiograph monitor and a stethoscope to make sure the injections are working. Once all of the medical machines are working properly, a person without a…

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  • Lethal Injections Summary

    The article, “Cruel and Increasingly Unusual; Lethal Injections,” from The Economist, discusses the death sentence in the United States. The article explains that in the US, the most common method of execution is lethal injection, although the practice is becoming rare. In several cases, the contents of the syringe proved to be faulty and the article briefly describes the controversy across the U.S. concerning lethal injections. The article also uses Kelly Gissendaner, a convict who was…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Lethal Injections

    Lethal injections have been a controversial topic for many centuries. People have many opinions as to if lethal injections are humane or if the act violates the Constitution. The use of lethal injections became a topic of interest around the 1980s. The first lethal injection execution was administered by Dr. Ralph Gray in 1982. The execution went successfully and from there the use of lethal injections became more popular, which started arguments as people expressed their opinions. For example,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Lethal Injection

    death row for the past 20 years, after your conviction for a triple murder, yet the brief states that an injection would impose “cruel or unusual punishment” on you. Your attorneys have talked to health professionals and they have stated that the lethal injection would cause you major painful seizures. Well all this is all happening to Ernest Lee Johnson; ABC news stated that in 2008 doctors removed part of a brain tumor found in his head. They also stated that scar tissue and the remaining…

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  • Arguments Against Lethal Injection

    The most common and considered the most humane method of execution used today is lethal injection. Lethal injection is the act of injecting a lethal drug “cocktail” directly into a person’s circulatory system. In Baze v. Rees (2008), the Supreme Court reviewed the three-drug protocol then used for lethal injection by 30 states. The court ruled that the three-drug cocktail at issue in Baze did not violate an inmates Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments. This…

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  • Lethal Injection Research Paper

    issue I want to talk about is whether or not medical professional especially doctors should be involved in the execution of prisoners. This paper does not evaluate whether or not lethal injection should happen but whether or not professionals should be involved. Before even writing this paper my current stance is that medical professionals should be involved. But my stance is not backed by any true fact but just a gut feeling. The importance of this issue falls within the practical issue…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Lethal Injections

    for the brochure and the position paper was the controversial issue of lethal injections; if it goes against the Constitution or not. The most interesting thing I have learned throughout my research is that one of the drugs used in the lethal injection, sodium thiopental, is commonly used for general surgery. It puts the prisoner into a medically induced coma. The two other drugs used are pancuronium bromide and potassium bromide. Pancuronium bromide stops neuromuscular activity to skeletal…

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