Lethal Injection History

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In today’s times, murderer’s actions are becoming more and more incohesive. They no longer commit just murder, but also crimes like theft, rape, or even torture. Things like this will continue to happen if nothing is done to stop them or deter them The death penalty is a humane way to punish the convicted and to alter the minds of people that would want to do the same.

As early as the 1800s was the first actual recordings of the criminal justice system doing its job with capital punishment. Just between 1930 and 1967 there was an astounding number of 3800 executions. The next decade was a surprisingly low number because the criminals won justice. The 10 years following 1967 there was zero executions. In 1976, the Supreme Court Case, ‘Gregg
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Lethal injection is currently used by 36 states. This form of execution is one of the more dangerous ones, but it is the most commonly used in the United States. Lethal Injection begins with binding the criminal onto a hospital gurney with restraints on the bodies extremities. Once strapped down and secured, a medical team attaches an Electrocardiograph monitor and a stethoscope to make sure the injections are working. Once all of the medical machines are working properly, a person without a medical certification will have to insert the IVs into the veins. The reason someone without a med. Cert. has to do it, is because medical code of ethics prevent anyone in the medical field to assist with something like punishment. Once the IVs are completed, a saline flush is initiated and the criminal is covered by a sheet. After he/ she has been covered, the first injection of Pentothal (Sodium Thiopental) is given. This first injection induces unconsciousness, awaiting the next injection. Then they are given an injection of Pavulon. Pavulon is a nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocker, which anesthetizes all of the bodies muscles causing muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest. The last injection given is potassium chloride. Too much Potassium in the blood will eventually cause paresthesia, arrhythmia, and even fibrillation in the heart. All of these side effects from the third injection will cause cardiac arrest and kill the …show more content…
These unalienable rights that were given to me at birth come with responsibilities. When a person that doesn’t uphold the responsibilities, they need to be taught a lesson. When somebody kills another human being, they are breaking their contract with the United States. That contract that once protected your freedom, now lets the U.S. Government do whatever they want with you because you took another person’s life. An Eye for an Eye isn’t what it was in the beginning of the U.S. An Eye for an Eye now simply means you take someone’s life, you get free food, free shelter, free healthcare, and whatever ese you needed to survive. You should get what you deserve without all of the years of appeals in courts or

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