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  • Hurricane Katrina Crisis Essay

    National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield warned that the “greatest potential for the nightmare scenarios, in the Gulf of Mexico anyway, is that New Orleans and southeast Louisiana area” (Msnbc 2005). Paying attention to Mayfield’s precautions, Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA, piloted a “Hurricane Pam” exercise thirteen months before Katrina struck to evaluate how the city would handle a hypothetical Category 3 hurricane. The exercise projected an opening in the levee structure would flood the city and damage nearly 87% of homes (Msnbc 2005). Two days before the storm hit, former President George W. Bush received in depth warnings in a 41-page evaluation via email concerning Hurricane Katrina’s probable effect, including prophetic predictions of breached levees, considerable flooding, and loss of life and possessions. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee ranking Democrat, reacted to the assessment in an announcement saying the “administration 's failure to fully heed the warnings of its analysts "compounded the tragedy”” (Warrick…

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  • Katrina Crisis Essay

    The real crisis occurred after landfall and there were inadequate preparation for levee breach. Response was prepared according their thought that the levees would hold. The emergency response plan did not include: - Aquatic resources needed to be improvised - Adequate resources that would provide humanitarian aid. - Contingencies that should be taken when the city was submerged under water. - Rescuers were not trained in water rescue and there was no urban search. In addition, the United…

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  • Ma Rainey Black Bottom Character Analysis

    “Nigger, you stepped on my shoe!” (Wilson 110) Levee screams right before plunging the knife into Toledo’s back. How can a pair of shoes trigger a murder? In August Wilson’s play, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Levee Green’s explosive personality tie to his black experience combining with a series of unfortunate events cause a pair of shoes to catalyze a deadly altercation resulting in the murder of Toledo. Shoes are usually considered as a regular part of a daily wardrobe or the finishing touch…

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  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Analysis

    of their music. Through the youthful and self-assured trumpet player, Levee, the story of his personal failings and inevitable destruction of his aspirations is told. The focus of Wilson’s allegory is the purchase of Levee’s new shoes, and how his new shoes are symbolic of the changing of the times and pride in one’s self. Levee began the play by bragging about his new shoes, that he bought with money he won from a fellow band member. To his dismay, however, everyone begins to poke fun of him…

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  • Ted Steinberg Acts Of God Analysis

    susceptible to flooding. Indeed, in 1933 the Mississippi River surged over a levee and submerged this mobile home park. Steinberg contends that magnitude of the disaster was influenced by people in two ways: (1) the levee detrimentally impacted the wetlands of the watershed, which help to absorb floodwaters (2) flood insurance encouraged people to build in an area that is prone to flooding. Although the author points out the anthropogenic factors related to the disaster, most perceived the flood…

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  • Symbolism In Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    struggles. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, a play by August Wilson, is about black band members and their conversations during their recording of some songs. They were playing blues music, which was music that came about right after the reconstruction era and during the Great Migration. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom uses Levee, the youngest band member, to symbolize the real struggle of black musicians in an era where prejudice conquered people’s thoughts. It shows the reader also how self-destruction…

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  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Essay

    Levee is almost reduced to begging Sturdyvant to listen to him play his own songs, which Sturdyvant immediately objects to. Sturdyvant knows Levee needs him in order to be successful, and is patronising and disrespectful before finally shoving the money for the songs into Levee’s pocket. Levee immediately takes it out and throws it on the floor. Levee’s anger and frustration in this scene highlights the power the while man has over African-Americans. The reader and audience see the white man as…

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  • Coastal Watershed Research Paper

    Santa Barbara’s Coastal Watershed divides into six sites: Carpinteria, Rocky Nook Park, Mission C, Maria Ygnacio, Atascadero and San Jose. All the sites are managed by a levee system, and half of these sites are empty; no water flows through them because it doesn’t rain frequently in Santa Barbara (typically only raining between 3-6 inches during the wet months, which is between November-March), but all empty at the Pacific Ocean, which is relatively close to the city (t-cep.org/floods).…

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  • Wink And Hushpuppy Analysis

    joined by his father Walrus (Lowell Landes) and Little Jo (Pamela Harper) live in a community called the “BathTub.” It is cut off by a wall called a levee. Hushpuppy attends school like most kids and with the help of Miss Bathsheba (Gina Montana) Hushpuppy learns of these creatures behind the levee called “Aurochs”. Wink knows he doesn’t have much longer to live. He is trying to toughin Hushpuppy up by showing her how to survive on her own. Him and Hushpuppy at times go at it with each…

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  • Deadliest Natural Disasters: Hurricane Katrina

    life elsewhere. When families were separated and never seen again. The tropical storm that built enough strength to become a hurricane. This Hurricane was named "Katrina". Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named hurricane and one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. History. Over 1200 people died in the disaster from very aggressive flooding and strong winds make it the deadliest hurricane since 1928. Over a half million citizens of New Orleans became victims of Katrina. This hurricane…

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