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  • Resilience In The Workplace

    Employees took assessments to discover their personal and professional strengths and identify how they can be leveraged at work. Some work groups also had employees create Brag Boards to record and save their workplace successes to provide employees with a means of positive self affirmation during difficult times. Finally, we added resilience as a critical dimension we assess during the hiring process for all new employees and leaders via online assessments and interview questions. In closing, companies similar to mine have made headway in enhancing employee and organizational resilience by training leaders to effectively lead change, helping employees identify and leverage their strengths, and assessing employee resilience during the hiring process. However, a great deal more progress is necessary to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the marketplace. Path forward, as the velocity of change continues to increase, employee and organizational resilience will become a form of currency that can be leveraged to sustain, grow, and propel companies past their competitors for years to…

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  • Verizon Ratio Analysis

    - Profitability Ratios: This ratio varied from industry to industry. Some company that have an overall profit margin of 25% might seem relatively low. However, if we compared it to other company in the same industry with a profit margin of 16%, that 25% doesn’t seem as small. Same can be said with Verizon, their profit margin came to be 14%. The telecommunication industry average is at 11%. This indicated that Verizon is doing well, their profit margin grew steadily from 2013-2015. To…

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  • Operating Leverage Essay

    operating leverage and ROI Variables DFL ROI Pearson correlation 1 -0.161 DOL Sig 0.839 N 4 4 Pearson correlation -0.161 1 ROI Sig 0.839 N 4 4 The above table reveals that the correlation coefficient among Degree of operating leverage and Return on investment is -0.161 which is statistically not significant at level of 0.001 level of significance(p value= 0.839) . It is witnessed that operating leverage is negatively correlated with return on…

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  • Relationship Between Tangibility And Leverage

    structure because fixed assets provide security to the capital provider by directing a claim against capital erosion. Information asymmetry between borrowers and firms increases the agency cost of debt which can be reduced by using adequate tangible assets that may serve as collateral to issue debt (Jensen & Meckling, 1976). This is obvious because firms with greater tangible assets are more capable to service their debt than their peers with fewer tangible assets. Thus, tangibility may be…

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  • Leverage Leadership Case Study

    new age of accountability. Schools are no longer aloud to just operate as autonomous and slightly mysterious entities in the community. We have a shared responsibility, with our stakeholders, to educate every child that we serve. Teachers must learn to work cooperatively and with purpose, administrators must ensure that their teachers have the appropriate professional development opportunities to be successful, school boards must allot the funds to support growth, and parents and students must…

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  • Leverage Technology Dm Launch Case Study

    Leverage technology – DAM Launch • As part of the Leverage Technology WIG, Colleen will be a change champion for the new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. In this role, Colleen will troubleshoot issues to remove barriers associated with the new DAM system; motivate / encourage others to share their experiences and ideas; and promote innovation and change. o To assist with “speed to adoption” Colleen will lead and manage the data migration effort to ensure that there is usable data prior to…

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  • Macroeconomic Variables In Capital Structure

    become reversed when macroeconomic conditions worsen. Stephan & Talavera (2004) analyzed the relationship between optimal debt and macroeconomic volatility and their study revealed that when macroeconomic variability like inflation increases firms reduce the use of optimal level of debt. Gulati & Zantout (1997) and Bas et al., (2009) also reported that inflation rate inversely affects leverage decision of a firm. They…

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  • California Pizza Kitchen Case Study

    shield, then adding to that the weight of equity and multiplying that by the cost of equity, as shown in the following equation: Equation 1: [D/V*(Rd)*(1-T)+E/B*(Rd)] As the WACC holds true, the increased weight in the lower cost of debt along with the additional tax shield and the decrease in weight in the higher cost of equity will result in a decrease in the overall cost of equity to the firm. In theory the more debt you add to the capital structure the lower your WACC will be Cost of Equity:…

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  • Analysis Of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk By Fiona Allon

    Leverage is having something that another person wants. Often times it is money. Throughout the book Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, by Ben Fountain, the main protagonist struggles with leverage, partially because he usually does not have it. Billy Lynn is a soldier in the army. He and his Bravo squad are being paraded around the country before they have to go back to war. Fiona Allon takes uses those ideas in her essay Everyday Leverage, or Leveraging the Everyday and connects them to finances…

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  • Sales Growth And Firm's Profitability Case Study

    Previous researches showed the correlation coefficients of firm leverage and ROA is significant. The measurement of firm leverage is total debt divided by total asset. Makori and Jagongo (2013) suggested that the level of leverage is negatively impacted on corporate profitability. It can be explained by if firms earn more money that increase their profitability, the firms will use the retail earning to pay off their debt leverage. Therefore, the higher the profitability, the lower the debt…

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