Intervertebral disc

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  • Intervertebral Discs Essay

    Intervertebral discs are the rubbery pads that fill the space between the bones of the spine, known as vertebrae. They act as shock absorbers for the spine, making the spine more flexible than it would be without the discs. The discs separate the vertebrae and keep them from rubbing together and causing damage to the bones but unfortunately, the discs themselves can suffer injury and cause a multitude of problem and significant pain. When a there is an injury or a large amount of stress is put on the spine, the inner material of the intervertebral discs may swell, pushing through its tough outer membrane. This can cause the entire disc to become distorted or bulge in spots. Sometimes, all or part of the inside material of the disc may protrude through the outer casing at a weak spot and put pressure on surrounding nerves. If further activity or injury causes the membrane to rupture or tear, the disc material may protrude (herniate) further resulting in…

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  • Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Essay

    review, since it is a degenerative disc disease and these degenerative changes will ultimately affect both the dynamic and Static dimensions of the spinal canal, and its regional biomechanics. These are the important factors in the development and progression of cervical spondylotic myelopathy. (Figure 1.) The upper cervical spine, comprising the occiput, atlas and axis, has its anatomical and biomechanical features which distinct from the remainder of the cervical spine. As a result,…

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  • Why Is Workplace Safety Important?

    fall, or are suffering from Cardiac Arrest, first responders need to be there for the citizens they serve. If a first responder is injured and cannot do their job properly, then they are putting the safety of the citizens at risk. The job of a first responder is to be there for the citizens, which is why workplace safety is always important to keep in mind. In the Fire and Emergency Services occupations, there are three common injuries; Sprains and strains, Smoke inhalation and broken bones. Of…

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  • Drum Brake Persuasive Speech

    In this day and age people fly through gears pushing everything to its limit. With that being said we need the best ways to bring our vehicles to a stop. Over the years our braking systems have been improved over and over. In the said old days we used “spoon” brakes. Today we use ABS, air brakes, drum brakes, disk brakes, and they are even coming out with full contact disc brakes. But those are still a work in progress and it will be a few years until we see those on any type of vehicle. So in…

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  • The Functions Of Brakes

    • Brakes are used for controlling the speed of the vehicle while moving on hills and plain roads. • Brakes, when applied must not disrupt steering geometry. • The brakes must work uniformly well in all weathers. • According to the method of braking contact, brakes are divided into two types. • Brakes are divided into six types based on the nature of power employed. Summary: Thus, from this topic you have learned about ‘Brakes’. The brakes must work evenly well on good or bad roads. Brakes are…

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  • The Effects Of Music Piracy On The Music Industry

    The aim of this essay is to look into contemporary means of music distribution, and identify which is currently the most profitable and widely used, and why they are used and the effect they have on the music industry. This information will then be used to predict which method of distribution will survive the test of time, and potentially be the means of distribution that could still be in use 15 years from now. This essay will explore the profitability and popularity of three different…

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  • Reflective Essay Example Of Self Assessment

    your greatest strengths were and how you could use those to help you advance in your career? Many people probably think they have certain personality strengths until they take an assessment to see what they actually are. I recently took a personality assessment utilizing the DISC method of scoring to see what my more dominant personality traits were. The results came back a little different than what I thought of myself at first but the more I pondered on it, the more it made sense. My three…

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  • The Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Violence In Hip Hop Music

    Hip hop music has helped to culturally mold an entire generation. Although it started in the late 1970s with roots in rock & roll, reggae, jazz, blues, and funk, people still feel its effects to this day. Nearing its 4th decade, its rhythmic influence has spanned nearly the entire globe. However, the spell that it has placed on the masses over the years has not always had the best of outcomes. It is true that many artists have used the platform of the genre to profess violence, among other…

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  • Hip-Hop Music In The 1960's In Phildelphia

    Hip Hop music is a language that references the cultural and technical events prevalent in society. As sited in the lecture, "hip hop music has a diverse and colorful history"with stem in "graffiti",b-boying,djing, and mc 'ing . This essay will explore the four elements of hip hop in depth. Graffiti immerged in the early 1960 's in Phildelphia (lecture notes). To graffiti was to express yourself through art on anything around the city. Next is B-Boying or break dancing, which came along shortly…

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  • Similarities Between Chief Keef And Famous Dex

    Chief Keef and Famous Dex: An in Depth Comparison Chief Keef and Famous Dex are both popular, hip-hop recording artists who share many of the same qualities in music and style. The two musicians also share similar backgrounds, but have differences in music style. Keith Cozart, otherwise known as Chief Keef, is a famous dread-headed recording artist and rapper. In fact, he blew up from his hit song “Don’t Like”, and also gained his stardom at only the age of fifteen. On the other hand, being…

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