Cervical vertebrae

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  • Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Essay

    Cervical spondylotic myelopathy is a degenerative disease of cervical spinal. The onset is usually insidious, with long periods of fixed disability and episode of worsening of events are taking place. Concerning to the pathophysiology of cervical spondylotic myelopathy, the injuries which are frequently repeated to the spinal cord are caused by static mechanical factor, dynamic mechanical factor and spinal cord ischemia. These factors are responsible for affecting the spinal cord through direct or indirect trauma and ischemia. Concerning to the diagnosis, clinical symptoms, neurological examinations, and imaging including plain radiography, computed tomography(CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are important for preoperative evaluation…

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  • Fall Semester Reflection

    I also received instruction to allow my body move through each movement with fluidity. For example, coming from a background of jazz, my movement had to be sharp instead of allowing it to flow through the space with my body. Eye tracking my movement became an issue, but I was not sure how to approach it due to lack of training. Referring back to my jazz background, it was strictly enforced to keep the head straight forward instead of allowing our eyes to acknowledge our arm movement. I knew the…

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  • Human Osteology Essay

    Method. This works in our favor, because the vertebrae method is less likely to be accurate with a deceased individual. This is due to the lack of cartilage between the vertebrae. These assessments use the length of the long bones and the leg bones and inserts them into specific formulae based on sex and ancestry. Due to the ambiguous nature of skeleton number four’s ancestry, his long bone measurements will be calculated using all of the male formulas. Using Trotter and Gleser’s method for the…

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  • Spear Tackler Injury Research Paper

    tackler’s spine is an injury in which the spine in the neck (cervical spine) loses its normal curve and becomes unusually narrow. This happens when you use the "spear" tackling technique, in which the head is the first point of contact. Spear tackler 's spine can damage nerves and soft tissue near the cervical spine. You may not participate in contact sports while you have this condition. In some cases, the spine may return to its normal shape, and return to contact sports may be considered.…

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  • Optokinetic Research Paper

    However use of this device requires a trained operator. Calibration also needs to be done before using the device. Flexible electrogoniometers are strain-gage-based systems that consists of two light-weight end blocks fixed to the twelfth thoracic vertebrae(T12) and sacral spine(S2)spinal processes. They are separated by a steel spring and it protects a narrow strip of steel foil[11]. Strain gages attached to the foil were used to monitor lumbar angle motion in two different planes during both…

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  • Shoulder Flexibility Exercise

    However, they do not show a correlation to the assessment of lumbar flexibility. Nevertheless, within this article, they discussed how the hip joint, lumbar and thoracic spine contribute to the overall performance of Sit and Reach. This test was performed on 195 Brazilian boys ages 18 to 19. All individuals volunteered, weighed 152.02 ± 22.46 lbs. and had an average height of 69.29 ± 2.76 inches. The tests scrutinized each kinematic angle to make an overall observation of the body segments used…

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  • Neck Pain: A Case Study

    male with a 7/3/2014 date of injury, due to a MVA. DIAGNOSIS; Cervical spin e S/S, Lumbar spine S/S, Left shoulder S/S 12/08/15 progress note describes that the patient complains of neck pain at a 6/10-scale level; low back pain at a 6-7/10-scale level, which radiates to the right leg; left shoulder pain at a 4/10-scale level, which radiates to the left arm; and sleep problems. PE revealed slight to moderate spasticity and tenderness over the para-cervical muscles. ROM of the cervcal spine is…

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  • Neck Pain Case Studies

    ODG states that evaluation and management (E&M) outpatient visits to the offices of medical doctor(s) play a critical role in the proper diagnosis and return to function of an injured worker, to monitor the patient’s progress, and make any necessary modifications to the treatment plan. The patient has neck pain with right upper extremity numbness, tingling and weakness. On exam, there was positive cervical and lumbar tenderness. There were muscle spasms noted in the paraspinal muscles. The…

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  • Palo Alto Country Club Girls Golf Case Study

    shoulder width apart, and then to give their best effort to reach their max lumbar flexion. From the max lumbar position, participants were asked to maximally extend their lumbar spine. The same procedure was done with the iPhone placed on the S1/S2 marker. Calculations of total lumbar flexion and extension were obtained by subtracting the S1/S2 measurements from the T1/T2 measurements (Pourahmadi,2016). Rotational range of motion measurements were taken using a simple goniometer. The…

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  • Neck Pain Injury Essay

    This is a 60-year-old male with a 10/01/2015 date of injury. A specific mechanism of injury has not been described. DIAGNOSES: 1. Cervical discogenic pain/bilateral cervical facet pain C2-# and C5-C6/ cervical sprain/strain. 2. Bilateral cervical radicular pain C5-C6 L>R 3. Cervicogenic neck pain with cervicogenic headaches/bilateral occipital neuralgia. 4. Bilateral shoulder sprain/strain. 5. Bilateral wrist sprain/strain/bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. 6. Bilateral hand/ first…

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