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  • Rick Ostrander Why College Matters To God Analysis

    How Will We Live Impressions and judgement of people we don’t even know are fairly common. We might hear a rumor about someone, or just hear of someone’s actions. Judgement is very common, and it prevents many relationships. Whether it’s someone race, religion, hobbies or interest we form our opinions about that person, but we do not truly know that person. Throughout first year seminar judgement was found in a lot of the texts we read. Judgement was found early in the course when we discussed Ordinary Grace. One example of judgement found in this book was between races, Native Americans and Whites. In this example Frank had a negative impression of Warren Redstone. Later in the semester we discussed the novel The Chosen. Quick judgement based off religious beliefs had a large impact on how the story panned out. The different religious traditions tore apart the Orthodox Jews and the Hasidic Jews. In this novel we witness two boys hating each other, becoming best friends, and then torn back apart. Judgment and the false understanding of each other and each other’s family is what caused this. Lastly the book, Why College Matters to God, demonstrates a solution to judgement, and this is through changing our worldview. Changing our understanding of the world and our perspective on why things happen can help us prevent judgment. In our life we need to eliminate our judgment, so we are able to connect with everyone. In the story Ordinary Grace Warren Redstone was made out to be…

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  • Hasidism: A Way Of Life

    The Chosen: Hasidism, A Way of Life “Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength” (Hasidic Proverb). People need to accept and support other people 's’ choices in life. Each person has several choices in their lives, some people need a great deal of help others do not. Some people receive help from their family, others have some pressure. As portrayed in numerous Hasidic families, the rebbe and his son have conflict…

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  • Crown Heights: The August 1991 Riots

    Crown Heights, located in Brooklyn, is known to be a diverse neighborhood. It is notoriously known to an unsafe and run-down neighborhood, but the recent gentrification of the neighborhood is proving its reputation wrong. There have been numerous reports of tension and anti-Semitism between the Black people and Jews in Crown Heights. One of the main incidents that occurred between them is the August 1991 riot, which was said by Henry Goldschmidt, a scholarly author and researcher, to be the most…

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  • Jewish Observances

    Nonetheless, we went for a couple hours to say we went and were all good with the Big Guy. Being once a year Jews, and synagogues knowing they get their biggest draw from Jews like us, they charge for tickets for seating; my old synagogue was up to $200/person when my parents said they’ve had enough. Upon falling out the old conservative synagogue, they found a Chabad synagogue in our area, and Chabad is free, as well as for everyone, not just Chabad Chasidim, so to Chabad we went. Through…

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  • Personal Narrative: Myself In A Different Religion

    college students practice it. I choose to immerse myself within the Jewish religion for this assignment. WHERE TO BEGIN After I decided upon this student group, I began to do research. While many terms that began to appear were unfamiliar, I did begin to notice weekly events and group meetings across campus. I saw that KU offers Jewish students a Chabad, a Hillel, and a Jewish studies club that host events regularly. I began to reach out and contact them to see what they would be comfortable…

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  • Daled Bavos: Alter Rebbe's Nigun

    Daled Bavos Daled Bavos, originally known in Yiddish as “Der Nigun fun Fir Fallen”, and “The Alter Rebbe's Nigun.” or “The Rav's Nigun,,” is the “crowning glory of Chabad nigunim, composed by the Alter Rebbe in Mezeritch at the Maggid,, improving and perfecting the nigun that we sing today. This nigun is the most significant and profound of all Chabad nigunim. The Rebbe emphasized that the nigun should be sung very slowly and with fervent earnestness. The nigun has four stanzas,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Return To Jerusalem

    the Civil Rights Movement; taught the blind, deaf and handicap; traveled around the world; enlightened of the best found within the arts and most importantly, cared for me more than anyone else lost her mind within months of her dementia. I was furious at G-d for doing that to her. After their passing, I felt always empty when going to synagogue in Washington DC to cite mourner 's kaddish. When my Mother spoke of how she felt my Grandparents and how they were with G-d, I could never believe it.…

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  • Pluralism And Religion

    towards its Muslim population. According to the website Islam at CSUN, prejudice at the university is not a common experience for Muslim students. Muhannad, a Muslim student said in the “Interviews” page that “So far, my religious practices have not prevented me from participating in campus activities.” Referring back to the idea of diversity, it allows people who have never met Muslims to do so and realize that they are not as they seem in the media. CSUN is a primary example of the acceptance…

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  • Reflection On Jewish Student's Religious Development

    Some of my assumptions were associated with Orthodox Jews who wear a Yakima and prayer shawl were worn at all times. I assumed they would be very strict followers of their religion and that they would have strong traditions. However, other than this I had very few assumptions about these student groups. I wasn’t aware of the different clubs on campus or their different meanings. I knew that students would be in different developmental stage and at different disciplines levels when following this…

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  • Jewish Identity Essay

    By now the main Lubavitch movement was headquartered in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, although it also had village established by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson in Israel since 1949 known as Kfar Chabad. Since Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson’s passing in 1950, he and his work was succeded by his younger son-in-law Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson greatly encouraged the Jews who lived in Communist states. He sent many emissaries on covert…

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