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  • Crown Heights: The August 1991 Riots

    illustrates that during the 1940s and 1950s, as more Lubavitch Jews moved into Crown Heights, the neighborhood changed from an upper class white neighborhood to a lower class Lubavitch and Black neighborhood. Although crime and assaults were being directed at Jews, the Lubavitchers still remained in Crown Heights because the head rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, had advised them to stay for various reasons. Despite the crimes and antisemitism, even more Jews moved into Crown Heights over the years. Crown Heights was one of the few American neighborhoods where Jews lived as a minority with Black people. This contradicted what people thought in regards to the relationship between Black and Jewish people because they were able to live near each other without too much conflict. On August 19, 1991, Rabbi Schneerson, the spiritual leader of the Lubavitch community in Crown Heights, went to visit a cemetery in Queens. He was accompanied by a police car as a means of protection since he was considered an important political figure. On the way back, four members of the Lubavitch community in a Grand Marquis station wagon joined Rabbi Schneerson and the police to provide extra protection. Gavin Cato, a seven year old son of Guyanese immigrants, was trying to repair his bicycle near his house on President Street. The Rabbi and the police were traveling towards President Street and as the third car with the four members were approaching the street, the traffic light had turned…

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  • 'Brother Against Brother' By Ehud Sprinzak: Article Analysis

    against Mitnagdim and Hasidim. Then there is the Altalena affair. Israel’s war of independence. The Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion attempted to take on five Arab states which started issues with Irgun, the militantly anti- British Jewish from underground led by Menachem. Nineteen Jewish lives were taken due to Altalena, a ship that was bound from france. Another conflict Israeli had was getting the acceptance of German reparations for the Holocaust. Between the independent Seamen's Union and…

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  • Gregor Mendel And The Law Of Genetics

    Genetics When it comes to genetics, a person that comes to mind is Gregor Mendel. He was a scientist and botanist who was famous for discovering the genetics in a human being, and genetics in general. He was able to conduct his hypothesis as he used pea plants to show that planting two different pea plants can make a unique offspring, or even the same two peas can create a unique offspring. When coming up with these experiments, Mendel came up with three laws, The Law of Dominance, The Law of…

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  • Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path To Real Reform

    As Eden explained, Ebenezer Howard has stated that he had combined three projects to create his scheme of Garden city (Eden, 1947). These projects are the proposal for organized migratory movement of population by Edward Gibbon Wakefield and Professor Alfred Marshall; the proposal for land tenure system by Thomas Spence and Herbert Spencer; and the model city called Victoria by James Silk Buckingham. This idea can be supported by Batchelor as he noted that Ebenezer Howard wrote his proposal for…

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  • Chromosomal Inheritance

    Chromosomal inheritance relates to how a person has 2 sets of chromosomes, 46 in total, that they inherited their parents. Chromosomes carry the genes, particularly the alleles that the offspring inherit. Gregor Mendel had no understanding of chromosomes when conducting his studies. He experimented and tested peas and discovered that some genes were dominated (showed up) while others were recessive (hidden). What he didn’t know was that chromosomes contained the genes that were responsible for…

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  • Olmünt's Gregor Mendel: A Great Scientist

    Gregor Mendel: A Great Scientist Gregor Mendel was a scientist, born in 1822. He lived as a monk for a long time, most of his life. He is said to be “the only one who got it more or less right.” I am going to tell about his main discoveries and life. He published his ideas in 1866, but no one believed his ideas until about 1900, over 15 years after his death. He graduated High school and went to University of Olmütz in 1840 at age 18. His family owned just a small farm, and paid a lot for…

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  • Research Paper On Gregor Mendel

    McGrinn 1 Elizabeth McGrinn 1 Feb. 2017 Mr. Sanders 6th Period There have been many different scientific discoveries throughout history. Scientists have found different galaxies, medicines that cure the sick, or someone like Gregor Mendel, who discovered chromosome genes. Gregor Mendel discovers why/how a person looks the way they do. Growing up, Gregor Mendel did not have much money. At first, he also studied meteorology before he studied genes Gregor entered college by age 21, when he…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge

    knowledge? It certainly seems to behave that way in history. We often say that the winners write history. The majority of historical recounts have the bias of the victors. Historical knowledge is largely dependent on who is in power; for example, European settlers view themselves as great explorers and conquerors of North America, while the First Nations and aboriginals view them as invaders. However, the story of the First Nations, even to this day, it not prominent because we tend to focus on…

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  • Essay On Random Breeding

    The results of the statistical comparison of genetic variability between the wild and founding population suggests that because the assumption figure is less than 0.5 (see table 2) the null hypothesis could not be dismissed. This meant that there is was no difference between the wild and founding population’s genetic variability. In relation to conservation biology, this finding is rather optimistic. Due to the fact that the two populations genetic variability is close to one-another allows for…

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  • Gregor Mendel: What Makes A Good Scientist?

    Gregor Mendel was a scientist from Moravia who became famous for founding the science of genetics. He worked with cross breeding pea plants, focusing on several different characteristics. When he found that breeding a green and yellow pea plant, always turned out with yellow colored offspring, he ended up making the terms "dominant" and "recessive". Sadly, Mendel's work wasn't found important until decades later in the 20th century, but the things he discovered are still important to us today. …

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