My Experiences And Changed Since Returning To Jerusalem

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I wanted to write more to you about my experiences and changes since returning to Jerusalem a few weeks ago. I was always embarrassed and afraid to tell you about how I lost my faith and connection to G-d after the passing of my Grandparents. It was easier for me to stop believing in G-d rather than indulge in my contempt. My anger did not stem towards their deaths. Death is part of life, but it was instead directed at how they passed. Their humanity was robbed from them during their last year. This was especially true for my Grandmother who I admired more than anyone else. A person who walked in the Civil Rights Movement; taught the blind, deaf and handicap; traveled around the world; enlightened of the best found within the arts and most importantly, cared for me more than anyone else lost her mind within months of …show more content…
However, what really reconnected me back to my faith was not my time at the Western Wall. I had prayed there years before and it did not help re-establish my belief in G-d. It was instead being with another participant on the trip who came from an extremely secular background. I convinced him to put on tefillin as I was putting it on myself. Watching him put it on and reading the Shema is what did it. I cannot explain why, but I did not feel like a wanderer anymore. I felt like I was back with my faith and with G-d. Reconnecting with my family helped strengthen my religious belief. (A bit ironic as they are very secular themselves, but still see the importance of being Jews living in Israel.) I am still reconnecting with G-d thanks with a lot of help to Rabbi Israel Lew here at the Bloomsbury Chabad. Since my return, I have gone to Chabad for Friday nights and Saturday services (day and night) as well as participate in the Torah study classes. While this has been leading me back to my Judaism, it was Israel that really changed my life and

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