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  • Nectar In A Sieve Challenges

    Challenges teach everyone that not everything goes his or her own way. Families and friends rely on each other to get through them. Kamala Markandaya explores the importance of challenges in her novel Nectar in a Sieve. In her story, the main characters and people of the village overcome many different challenges. Especially focusing on Nathan and Rukmani and their family. Throughout their lives, they overcome the challenge of poverty, relationships, and their environment. By illustrating many challenges, Markandaya shows how everybody can overcome them by maintaining courage. The first example of challenges is, poverty--the reality that the people face everyday and how they overcome it with courage. One way challenges contribute to their poverty is when the monsoon comes and destroys their income. Nathan says, “...but if the land is gone our livelihood is gone…” (Markandaya 15) Rukmani and Nathan maintain courage during the time of no food or work by uplifting each other. Even though the family becomes destitute because of the storm they rise up because of a good harvest afterward. The second way challenges interfere with the people’s poverty is when Kenny gets frustrated with them. For example, “Do not the sick die in the streets because there is no hospital for them?” (Markandaya 46) The people have no hope when it comes to getting sick because there is no place for them to go for they are too…

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  • Explain Any Challenges Which You Are Application To SI Lead

    1. Describe any challenges you faced while taking the course for which you are applying to SI Lead. What were the challenges and how did you overcome them? BIO 1114 was a challenge for me personally because it was my first exposure to science at the college level. This true for many students. BIO 1114 taught me to believe in my ability to work hard in order to conquer any information that was put in my way. I remember watching my professor write the chemical reactions for cellular…

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  • Importance Of Resilience In Education

    My preconceived notion of resilience was the ability to get knocked down and have the strength to get back up again. However, when I read the article it caused me to challenge my perception of resilience. In my response, I will address and discuss critically what challenges I believe I will face and how I can best safeguard myself against the potential tests to my resilience, as a trainee Teacher. I believe it is incredibly important for anyone undertaking a PGCE or any Teacher training route,…

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  • Adversity In The Alchemist

    People often retreat in the face of adversity. The problem with this is that adversity creates some of the biggest character building events you’ll ever face. The best way to build good character through adversity is by facing the challenge and not backing down. The way you face the adversity presented to you will change the way you think in the future just like how mistakes are the best teachers. Adversity challenges people everyday to make hard decisions and inevitably learn from the decisions…

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  • Growth Mindset Theory

    effort, as opposed to a fixed mindset in which one believes their abilities are unchangeable (Dweck, 2006). Students with fixed mindset believe intelligence is static and tend to desire looking smart, therefore they avoid challenges, give up easily, see effort as fruitless, ignore useful feedback, and are threatened by others’ success. Students with a fixed mindset report feeling dumb when they have to work hard, and are more likely to become discouraged or defensive, may avoid opportunities…

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  • Melissa Escaro How To Simplify Your Life

    your life. In the article, Melissa talks about the importance of challenging yourself. It is important to challenge yourself to grow and achieve your goals in life. It is important to continually challenge yourself to reach the goals you set for yourself. For example, in scenario 3 Melissa says how it is important to make sure you are still challenged even though at times you may feel uncomfortable. In the article, Melissa used the example of exercising as being something great for you although…

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  • Weekly Reflective Journal Analysis

    in reading text with more complexity. Moreover in math, I believe my goal ended up overshot. The Investigations unit allowed the students new challenges in math. The students succeeded with the new tasks. The students were actually disappointed when they had to stop playing the games. My mentor also planned one center to have a familiar game so that students were not overwhelmed with new concepts. It ended as a success due to the students attempted making word problems with the familiar games…

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  • Counseling Reflective Analysis

    and implementing various techniques. This writer has gained additional awareness into what the counseling relationship looks like as well as how to challenge the client, problem solve, collect and reframe the story, identify possibilities, set goals, implement a plan, and ultimately lead the client to termination and maintenance. This paper is a reflection of what she has learned throughout this course. Skills and Strengths This writer feels that the most significant information she learned…

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of The Student Affairs Field

    In Student Affairs we can challenge students to think creatively, speak boldly, and lead fiercely in their college careers. Students attend college to gain knowledge and learn at a higher level of thinking, to me that means we must challenge them to adapt and learn more about themselves, the world they live in, and how they would like to fit into the world around them. This concept is greatly encouraged by the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, a framework that encourages students…

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  • Perseverance: Overcoming Obstacles

    Perseverance is a lesson taught through hardship and difficulty, most people learn this skill as they begin their young adult life, but for me, I had learned this lesson at a very young age. The most common societal definition of perseverance is usually taught to people as: “stay strong despite the challenges you face” which is a belief that is interpreted in a number of ways by many people. I believe that the real definition of perseverance is facing a challenge and being able to succeed,…

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