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  • Samsung Junga's Mighty Conglomerates Analysis

    I. Introduction: This news brief will describe thoroughly the rise of South Korea’s mighty conglomerates, which are cornerstone of the economic, political, and social landscape. Part one indicates a series look upon how these conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai—saved South Korea from crushing poverty and defining a country’s role on the global stage. Moving forward this article was written by one writer called, Cho Mu-hyun, a native South Korea who lives in Seoul, working for ZDNet, as a senior writer covering all the business corporations in Korea. Titled “The Chaebols: The rise of South Korea’s mighty conglomerates,” this article incorporates all of the components why the chaebols were instrumental in pulling South Korea out of it’s poverty- stricken state after the Korean War. II. Summary: To begin with, there was a joke in South Korea in the year of 1990, when employees questioned the mighty Korean conglomerates. Then they were query of what they would have done, if presented with a haphazardly challenged by a menacing bear while strolling through the forest. Hyundai employees would club the bear to death without any uncertainty. Secondly Samsung would intend on acquiring a reunion with the bear while still in front of them. Thirdly LG will wait for Samsung’s response to then…

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  • Corporate Strategy Of Samsung

    Samsung is a corporate group that is not only based in South Korea, but also a contributor that impacts the everyday lives of people all around the world, especially South Korea. Under the grand umbrella of Samsung, are countless subsidiaries including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung C&T Corp., and many more. Due to its reputation as a wealthy and successful company, many people envy and study Samsung to find its methods for prosperity. Samsung’s recipe for affluence lies in…

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  • The Crisis Of Samsung

    For example, if prior to this crisis, the characteristics thought of were reliable, well known, guaranteed, after the crisis, the characteristics would most likely include harmful or a synonym as such. Furthermore, the fact that this series of incidents occurred, increased awareness of the possibility of such risks, therefore making one think twice before purchasing an electronic product in general. The series of incidents relating to the Note 7 left people reluctant of purchasing Samsung…

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  • Comparison Of Chaebols In The South Korean Business Culture

    For starters, many chaebols rely upon one another for resources and are essential for the continued growth of the South Korean economy. This is one of the similarities to some of the businesses here in the United States. As a smart business owner, you want to get the most that you can out of your business so many business owners’ help one another achieve this. By two companies business helping each other, it generally results in cheaper costs, or just increases relations at the very least for…

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  • The Importance Of Sintoburi In The Korean Film Market

    that the capitals from chaebols would dramatically improve the quality of Korean film industry. This improvement will gradually attract audiences in watching local films and subsequently prevent the domination of Hollywood films. Under this favourable circumstances, Samsung had become the first chaebol to invest in domestic film industry. It had financed approximately twenty-five per cent of the production cost of the film Marriage Story directed by Kim Ui-Seok (Paquet 2009). Marriage Story had…

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  • The Development State Model

    the private sectors was aligned and was well supported with insulated pilot agencies sitting at the top of the economic bureaucracy, which was one of the cornerstone of the developmental state model. The countries’ first priority was to focus on the long-term economic transformation through undertaking strategic industry policies (Johnson, 1999). The strategic industrial policy acts as a central component of the developmental state model as it focuses on guiding the private firms to make…

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  • Gender Inequality In South Korea

    Confucianism states that the individual must put the country ahead of himself or herself, but the most violent fight in South Korea right now is the clash between the labor unions and the Chaebol. The workers are subjugated to poor working conditions along with smaller wages. “Workers must work for a better life”[1], this statement seems correct at its inception but it lends a view into the average Korean blue collar worker. It paints the picture that by giving up their self-happiness and…

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  • My Future Career As An International Lawyer

    firms in the market. So, Korea had to be bailed out and received financial support from IMF, in agreement of increasing its transparency of the industrial and financial sector by ending the long-standing friendship between the government and large conglomerates. However, even after the bitter lesson from the financial crisis, the back-scratching alliance between the government and the conglomerates failed to be removed but instead managed to rampantly thrive even until today in Korea. Notably,…

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  • Gerschenkron Case Study

    Chaebols were the key player during the process of industrialization. From the 1980s, they were responsible in taking up new large scale, high risk projects. On the other hand, Taiwan’s economy was built on four main actors: public enterprises, SMEs, quanxiqiye (local business groups) and MNCs. In contrast to Korea which was mostly nationalist, SMEs and MNCs played a bigger role in Taiwan. Taiwan’s economy grew through an increase in the number of firms which reflects the importance of SMEs and…

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  • PEST Analysis: The Pest Analysis Of South Korea

    Export is the main factor for South Korea economic in growing fast. The government really supported the countries to exporting a lot product at outside as a way to expand their market into global. Export from the multinational chaebol has been drive the Korean economic. There are four of largest chaebol in Korea which are involve Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Steel Company. The Korean economy is heavily in monopoly in manufacturing industry. South Korean social development The third element is…

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