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  • Differences In The Juvenile Justice System

    commitment in the youth and possible lead to better opportunities. Maybe they would create connections and form relationships that could lead to job opportunities. The bottom line is I think that a program like this would teach the teens that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, it would help them see the importance of community. What impact do unusual correctional treatments such as chain gangs have on juveniles? Do they prevent recidivism? Chain gangs were extremely popular in the United States during the countries period of slavery especially in the southern states (Ford, 2013). Men would be chained together at the ankle and forced to perform physical labor. Unusual correctional treatments like the chain gang and others including the wearing of pink clothing at an Arizona prison are becoming popular again and could possibly be lowering recidivism rates but may not be the best situations for juveniles. Juvenile detention facilities and programs need to focus on rehabilitation and less on punishments. In Brevard County Florida the sheriff has started using chain gangs. He doesn’t force them to participate, but many chose to as it gets them outside more, the sheriff shackles the prisoner’s ankles together (not to each other) and takes them out into the community to perform manual labor (Ford, 2013). Sheriff Ivey believes that it causes the individuals this is a great way to deter others from committing crimes, as when people see the men on the side of…

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  • Essay On Why People Join Gangs

    join a gang. According to organized crime, we all have what is called cognitive R.A.M. or random access memory. It is the ability to process information just like a computer. Therefore, everyone is programmed differently and has different ways to process information in this world. Furthermore, how we process information is mainly determined how we were raised. Those particular individuals who are raised around gangs such as the Mafia are more likely to join their brothers, sisters and friends in…

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  • The Social And Political Causes Of Gang Violence

    It is not only social factors or political factors that lead gang violence. Personal factors play an important part in gangs choosing violence and it is the most frequent cause of violence by gang members. Especially when it comes to seek revenge for perceived slights or previous disputes gangs use their utmost power and resources (Buchanan, 2014). A member can be attacked for belonging to a rival gang, living in the same neighborhood of a different gang, or to settle an old score between gang…

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  • Culture And Drug Trafficking Essay

    One of the most interesting aspects of the involvement of youth gangs in drug trafficking relates to the role of culture in reshaping narco-trafficking as a socially tolerable activity. In Mexico, for example, as noted by Bailey, the drug-trafficking organizations recruit young men and women in part through their influence on music, popular entertainment, and other aspects of culture that appeals to youth. Youth are particularly vulnerable to the influence of popular entertainment and music,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Vandalism

    They find violence not only fascinating but also to establish their reputation as a gang to be feared. Many youths look at drinking, vandalism, and drug use as a form of having fun. Their idea of amusement is partying, getting high, bullying and robbing people. Drive- bye shooting is the most numerous violent crime committed by gangs. Members will hunt for homes, vehicles, of hang- outs of rival gangs and well drive by and shoot at the members of the rival gang. Homicides among Latino…

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  • Essay On Juvenile Gangs

    and you have a prime candidate for a juvenile gang. HISTORY AND CHARACTERISTICS OF JUVENILLE GANGS Juvenile gangs are an organized group of young people, normally in their teens that come together and place their claim on certain territory. These gangs are from different backgrounds and will do anything to protect and preserve what they believe is theirs, and theirs alone. Street graffiti is a way of life for them, showing their territory to other rival gangs. They are also known for their…

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  • The Cause Of Gang Crime

    Gang crime today is no longer just an inner city problem. Gangs are often associated with inner cities where it had its early origins. However, they have now spread like the plague seeping its way into some areas of the U.S where gangs and the crimes associated with them were once unheard of. With now gangs being a nationwide problem it is important for law enforcement nationwide understand how gangs operate, their gang members, and the roots behind this phenomenon. By better understanding gangs…

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  • Unique Gangs In The United States

    Sadat Cano Arizona State University Unique Gang In the United States CJS 468 1/2/2015 What makes the gangs in the United States unique is that gang members in the United States are more likely to get arrested for drug and alcohol related crimes than non-gang members. In cities of the United States almost all report gang activity “86% percent of the United States report gang activity.”(Donnelley, 2014). This means that for every city, an average “¾ of the population report”…

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  • Harold Garfinkel's Degradation Ceremony

    Salvatrucha (MS-13) is a gang organization that commits its members to identify with the gangs collective mentality and dogma. To achieve gang conformity, MS-13 uses many rites of passage to prove that a prospective member is able to serve in the gang. These degradation ceremonies strip an individual’s self-identity so that it may be replaced as a soldier of MS-13. Prospective members are reviewed and upon acceptance they are “jumped in”. “Jumping in” a member is a ceremonial beating that new…

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  • School To Prison Pipeline

    Black students in white dominated schools would be terrorized by their peers and the black students began to fight back (Bastards of the Party 2005, 15:50). Eventually, racist white youths formed a gang called the Spook Hunters. The Spook Hunters would receive help from the Los Angeles Police Department. This forced African American youths to band together, but only they were called gangs and considered a…

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