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  • Narrative Essay About My Audition

    My audition for the film went pretty well today. It felt so nice to go in and not be a nervous wreck. I felt unusually confident because I really had no expectations. I just thought, "What the hell? Why not?" I didn 't even rehearse my song beforehand. Usually I am very diligent about rehearsing a song for an upcoming audition and as I listen to myself I start feeling like I must be crazy for thinking that I ever imagined that I could sing. My throat gets all constricted, I can 't hit the notes, I feel like never ending phlegm is threatening to choke me, and I can 't believe anyone has ever cast me in a musical before in my life! What were they thinking? They must have been deaf. Of course all of that just makes me freak out even more and by the time I get to the audition, I am convinced that I may just croak. Both vocally and literally. Since Bob is still out of town on business, I convinced Aaron to go with me. If only to just get out of the house and go for a drive. I feel such maternal guilt for leaving him all on his own on a Saturday afternoon. Which is one of the reasons I agreed to take him to the haunted Halloween thing from hell at Great America tonight. Good thing I don 't need to sing tomorrow because I will have no voice after my scream fest tonight. We brought Berlinda, our portable GPS, with us to help navigate the directions to the location of the audition. As we made our way through the streets of Fremont, it became clear that Berlinda was…

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  • Northwest Diversified Machining Reflection Paper

    This summer I completed an internship for Northwest Diversified Machining, they create aerospace parts. The shop is run by a Navy Veteran. My supervisor was a very old fashioned man who didn’t share my same view point on the company but he was willing to work with me to see what I was trying to accomplish. Together we worked side by side with mutual goals of improving the company. My supervisors goal was to have me come up with a more efficient way to know what parts are in, worked on, and out…

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