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  • Northwest Diversified Machining Reflection Paper

    This summer I completed an internship for Northwest Diversified Machining, they create aerospace parts. The shop is run by a Navy Veteran. My supervisor was a very old fashioned man who didn’t share my same view point on the company but he was willing to work with me to see what I was trying to accomplish. Together we worked side by side with mutual goals of improving the company. My supervisors goal was to have me come up with a more efficient way to know what parts are in, worked on, and out of the shop. My goal for the company was to help improve their online presence so that their goal of reaching more customers could be met. The goal that I set for myself was that I wanted to expand my knowledge and gain value skills that would help me get a job later in life. This internship helped to provide me with knowledge that I know will help me later in life by giving me an extra hand in job interviews I also believe that if I were going back to Connecticut after I graduate that this place would be willing to hire me. My goal for the internship was to create an online presence for Northwest Diversified Machining. I figured that this would be an good goal to start with because they had no social media presence at the time I started working with the company. I broke this goal down into phase 1, the easier social media platforms and phase 2, the platforms to get onto. During my first week there to achieve this phase 1 of my goal I began on my mission of creating a Facebook, YouTube…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Audition

    My audition for the film went pretty well today. It felt so nice to go in and not be a nervous wreck. I felt unusually confident because I really had no expectations. I just thought, "What the hell? Why not?" I didn 't even rehearse my song beforehand. Usually I am very diligent about rehearsing a song for an upcoming audition and as I listen to myself I start feeling like I must be crazy for thinking that I ever imagined that I could sing. My throat gets all constricted, I can 't hit the…

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  • Ernest Shackleton Character Analysis

    He told us simply and calmly that we would have to spend the winter in the pack." Shackleton sustained morale and created a unified team by keeping everyone busy and equal. For example, during the long months in which the crew lived on the Endurance as a winter station, Shackleton ignored the predominant class system of the time and had scientists scrubbing floors alongside seaman and university professors eating beside Yorkshire fisherman. In addition, Shackleton encouraged more than work-based…

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  • The Narrow Road Analysis

    Discovery as a process produces challenges, nevertheless can the impact of discovery be ultimately joyful? Simon Nasht’s documentary ‘Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History’ (TMWMH) and Richard Flanagan’s ‘The Narrow Road to The Deep North’ (‘Narrow Road’) reveal that although discovery can create joy for some, it does not necessarily mean joy for all. These texts expose that challenges evoke and emotional discovery that can range from fulfilment to despair, rediscovery is completed in the hope…

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  • Music Video Analysis

    abuse accusation in 1993. The song was then nominated for a Grammy Award and the music video is still one of his most critically acclaimed pieces. This song incorporates elements of pop, funk, new jack swing, dance-pop and electro-rock which hasn't been created before all in one song, this made the song more popular as it was very unique and a lot of emotion was put into the thought and lyrics of this song. In 2001 iTunes was launched, iTunes is a media player, online radio broadcaster, media…

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  • Jeff Bezos

    Regardless of the status, they have altered the way we live. The creation of the smartphone has provided us with the ability to access information on-the-go. Youtube provides massive entertainment, yet at the same time contributes tutorials for any subject matter, guides those who for example are lost for their first interview, grant valuable insight on a situation happening anywhere. Amazon has saved an invaluable amount of time for those who are too busy to go to the store. Many of these…

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  • Montessori Learning Style

    the more essential it is to suit his or her learning-style inclination. As indicated by Mayer and Sims (1994), "when words and pictures are joined in one introduction and is all the while exhibited, it is more viable to contribute figuring out how to understudies than displaying it successively". The specialists mean to decide the impacts of utilizing YouTube most importantly multi media motors in the scholastic execution of the chose respondents beside the learnings that they picked up from the…

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