Music Video Analysis

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My report will include a timeline detailing the development of music videos, a full explanation of the different purposes of music video, a brief overview of the accepted styles and conventions within music videos and I will also examine 3 very different music videos with a comprehensive explanation on each.

Timeline of music videos:
In 1894, the first example of illustrated songs were made, 'Little Lost Child' was created by Edward B. Marks and Joseph W. Stern. The sheet music sold more than two million copies as it was the first ever illustrated song, an early version of music videos. It was created by combining a numerous amount of images using a stereopticon to show a narrative while it was being sung. The first attempt went
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In 1940 there were short films of many famous jazz artists and their bands on a movie-set bandstand. Musician Louis Thomas Jordan made short films for his songs which then was spiced together into a feature film called ‘Lookout Sister.’ Louis Jordan was highly popular with both black and white audiences for 1930 to the early 1950's. He was a very successful African American musician and sold at least 4 million hits during his career.

In 1964 the Beatles set the stage for modern music video with the motion picture ‘A Hard Days Night’ directed by Richard Lester. A year later in 1965 they then began making promotional clips for distribution and broadcast in other countries. They did so to enable their record releases without having to make in-person
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During the summer of 2006 YouTube was one of the fastest growing sites on the Web, over 100 million video views and uploading more than 65,000 new videos per day in July. Youtube went on and commanded up to 64% of the UK online video market and went into marketing and advertising partnership with NBC in June 2006. Google then purchased the company for 1.65 billion dollars in stock on October 9th 2006 and in June 2007 local language versions of Youtube were available for other countries. In 2009 videos were available in 1080p which was a created quality of video than previous years and also had automatic speech recognition and vevo was launched in December. In 2010 thumbs up rating system was introduced and was the third most visited website on the Web behind Google and Facebook. In 2012 Youtube offered a live stream of the US presidential debate for the first time ever and updated the design of YouTube which is similar to the mobile and tablet app version of the site. Gangnam Style was the first ever YouTube video to get one billion views in 2012, in 2013 YouTube had 1 billion users visiting the site every month. YouTube was a great success and still to this day is one of the most popular sites on the internet, if anyone wants to watch videos or

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