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  • Ernest Shackleton Character Analysis

    rest, it is said that he posted the following notice: men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, biter cold, long moths of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success. Shackleton was brutally honest about the discomforts and dangers to be faced. When the Endurance crewmembers encountered all of the above-mentioned conditions, they accepted them as best they could. And they looked to Shackleton, whom they called "The Boss," for guidance about how to survive the elements, both physically and emotionally. Shackleton's calm and confidence in dire circumstances were heartening to his crew. Commenting on Shackleton's reaction to their inability to free the Endurance from the ice, Alexander Macklin, the ship's doctor, said, "It was at this moment Shackleton showed one of his sparks of real greatness. He did not show the slightest sign of disappointment. He told us simply and calmly that we would have to spend the winter in the pack." Shackleton sustained morale and created a unified team by keeping everyone busy and equal. For example, during the long months in which the crew lived on the Endurance as a winter station, Shackleton ignored the predominant class system of the time and had scientists scrubbing floors alongside seaman and university professors eating beside Yorkshire fisherman. In addition, Shackleton encouraged more than work-based camaraderie. The men played football on the ice, participated in nightly…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Name

    meaning and the way names are spelled changes over time and across the world. Our names, meanings, nicknames, and why we were named what we were, are just a few ways that shape are uniqueness. Originating from the Greek name Alexandros, Alexander signified "shielding men" from the Greek word alexo, which means "to guard. Help" and the Greek word aner, which means "man". The name Alexander additionally has a place with a legend of Paris in Greek mythology and has a place with a few characters in…

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  • Family Relationships In Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo is a movie that begins with a family of fish. The mother and almost all of her eggs are attacked. The mother is killed along with all of the eggs, except one. The final egg left is named Nemo, and is raised solely by his father, Marlin. In the attack, Nemo was injured and now has one fin that is smaller than the other. He does not let his fin define him and calls it his “lucky” fin. After seeing his family killed, Marlin is very over protective of Nemo and is very nervous to let him…

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  • Homer's Historical Impact Of The Iliad

    Transcending almost 3000 years of time with its emotional resonance, integrity, and relevance to both the Ancient and Modern world, the Iliad is arguably one of the most outstanding poetic feats in the history of Western literature, praised explicitly throughout the ages by esteemed historians and scholars alike. Between its undeniable influence on Alexander the Great and it’s correlation to Rome, the Iliad certainly has a lot to say about the ancient world that so quickly embraced it’s epic…

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  • The Main Differences Between Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

    The main differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson lie behind what they thought the principle of government was. According to Hamilton, government was needed to protect individual liberties. Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party also known as the Hamiltonians, who strongly supported his ideas. They believed in order for Americans to be free they needed a strong central government ran by well-educated people such as Hamilton himself, to protect individual liberty. “He…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

    It was agreed upon in the Constitution that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (Jefferson). By stating this it was absolute that those who were in a position of power are there because the people they over-see. Some of the men behind the support for the Constitution were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Although the Federalist strongly supported this change there were many disagreements from the Anti-Federalist…

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  • The Odyssey And Batman Begins Analysis

    Written roughly two millenniums ago in Ancient Greece, The Odyssey has become a highly praised piece of writing and has been read by many people worldwide. Two thousand years later, the film Batman Begins was released. Both of these works have achieved groundbreaking success in having a place in the hearts of its audiences. To begin, both The Odyssey and Batman Begins had plots written under the Hero’s journey format. As in many hero stories, the plot begins with the main characters, Odysseus…

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  • Founding Generations: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    influential “founding fathers”, as they are known today, was a remarkable yet flawed individual. This group of men consisted of John Adams, the first Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr, Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential of the group, Alexander Hamilton, the author of The Federalist papers, Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, James Madison, the father of the Constitution, and…

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  • How Did George Marshall Influence The American Economy

    "I have never seen a task of such magnitude performed by a man, I have seen a great many soldiers in my lifetime and you, Sir, are the finest soldier I have ever known." This quote was spoken by Henry Stimson, Secretary of War from 1940 to 1945. This man who is communicated so remarkably of, is known by as George Catlett Marshall. After the antipathy of World War II had passed through the world, many nations are left with gaping holes in their economies. George Marshall brought upon a plan that…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: Underappreciated Founding Fathers

    given to the aptly named Founding Fathers. One of the most overlooked and underappreciated Founding Father is Alexander Hamilton, who is known for defending the U.S Constitution during its ratification, serving as the first U.S. secretary of treasury and being involved with the first sex scandal of the country. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11th, 1755, although historians disagree on this birthyear as it could also be 1757 due to some dating on a few documents. In his later years of…

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