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  • The Influence Of Islamic Architecture: The Golden Age Of Indian Cinema

    organized in Mumbai by Lumiere brothers. Immediately after the screening of moving pictures in London in 1895. This became a sensation among the audiences. The first ever short movie of India was shot by an Indian photographer named Hiralal sen. The first ever production of Indian cinema was the flower of Persia (1898) and then the era of silent movies was going on. The first movie with sound was Alam Ara which was released on 14th March 1931. As 1940 and the 1960 was called the golden age of Indian cinema. The influence of Islamic architecture is seen in Indian cinema since the beginning of Indian film industry. This unintentional influence is seen by default, as India has a rich historic background of Muslim rulers from different parts of the world, and since it spans and portrays the rich cultural amalgamation of India. Also, the cinema culture and language used in movies shows the influence of the gone rulers. The first talking movie produced in India was Alam Ara which was based on the courtesan romance concept. As observed Indian cinema most of the time, has used the Indo-Islamic architectural monuments are used as backdrops or the sets are intricately recreated in order to use them as a narration of the time. This also plays an important role in conveying rich historical background of India. Such movies play a role of an ambassador to explain the Historic and cultural significance of…

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  • Movie Industy Case Study

    see the most movies, each player in the value chain has differing interests. The studios wants to bring first-run major releases into homes, while exhibitors fight tooth and nail to get the public’s butts back into theaters (Thompson, & Winfrey, 2017). Power of suppliers. The production studios are highly concentrated with the top six studios producing 17% of the firms which account for 76% of the box office gross. The studios have high negotiating and pricing power, as the content drives movie…

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  • Racism In Film

    Yuechen Yang Yiman Wang Film 120 03/17/2018 Section H Closes up in Racism in the Cinema of 1915: The Cheat and The Birth of a Nation The year 1915 was a notable year in cinema. Not only there were motion pictures importances mentioned through directors; the formation of the Motion Pictures Directors Association; but also some of the iconic and celebrated films were created in this period. Undoubtedly, two classical films were Cecil B. DeMille’s The Cheat and D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a…

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  • Maria Full Of Grace Analysis

    The films ‘STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE’, MARIA FULL OF GRACE’, and THE YEAR MY PARENTS WENT ON VACATION’ shows the audience, political view, family affection and more. The films were featured in countries such as, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil. This is beneficial because it gave the audience who has little to no knowledge about these countries an understanding of their social or political views. In ‘Strawberry and Chocolate’, one can see that Cuba is not accepting of the gay population and in such…

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  • Film Tourism Case Study

    choice of a destination, besides marketing means and their previous experiences. To address the problem I will be conducting a qualitative research method such FGD, interview and survey. Results pointed that movies motivate passive tourist after watching any destinations or activities. It is suggested that placing destinations as a product into the movies helps destinations to create a positive image, to be placed as differentiated through the competitors and create an interest for a…

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  • Adaptation Of Pop Culture In Lord Of The Rings

    The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is undoubtedly one of the most notorious and successful tales ever told. The trilogy has earned around three billion US dollars and nominated for more than 800 film awards winning 425 of them, 17 of which were Academy Awards. This astronomical level of success has made Lord of the Rings a pop culture staple. Through the lenses of culture studies, the trilogy will be dissected critically to evaluate its success through the three main theories of popular culture.…

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  • Film Analysis: The Cliff Hangers

    C6.3 Media Awareness Demonstrator 3 Introduction 1. Give the following information: a) the name of the documentary or short film Cliff The name of the documentary is called The Cliff Hangers. b) the year it was made The documentary was made in 1950. c) the website address The website address is d) the producer/filmmaker The film was produced by The National Film Board e) the length of the documentary or short film The total length of the video was…

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  • The Tree Of Life Film Analysis

    The Tree of Life is a subtle film that intricately links together the world while discussing vast concepts. One such concept, the way of nature, is personified through Brad Pitt’s character; he is a man who acts in primal animalistic ways, and consistently lets these emotions get the better of him. This motif has been explored in many films prior to Terrence Malick’s masterpiece and previous directors’ efforts by no means come close to the beauty of Malick’s film. Many of the films of the…

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  • Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire, a movie by Danny Boyle, set in Mumbai, tells the story of Jamal Malik, a contestant on India’s version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’. Jamal was born in the slums of Mumbai with little education and was on his way to win the grand prize on the game show. Whilst on the show, he is suspected of cheating but little do his accusers know that Jamal’s life experience provides him with essential clues to answer each question. The movie alternates between flashbacks from Jamal’s…

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  • Memento Film Analysis

    entertainment and they tell stories about characters going through experiences. But what exactly is the content of the film? To find richer meaning in film, a variety of theories are developed to analyze films in order to understand how they created responses in viewers and just what they might mean. Memento (Christopher Nolan, 2000) is presented by its non-linear narrative structure. It provides the viewer with the ‘clues’ necessary to decode the film and help them to understand the…

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