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  • Buen Dia Ramo Movie Analysis

    Imagine immigrating to another country with the hopes of making money and living the dream, but arriving there and living on the streets and nobody understands what you are saying. The movie Buen Dia Ramon takes place in Mexico and Germany as it follows the journey of young illegal Mexican immigrant Ramon. The film was directed by Jorge Ramírez-Suárez and was released in 2013. Some awards that this international film won are Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinematography. In the movie, Ramon has tried to cross the American border 5 times, and has failed at every attempt. One of his friends tells him that he has an aunt who lives in Germany and that she would be willing to give him work over there so he could send back money to his sick…

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  • Cumbia In Latin America

    is an important cultural aspect of everyday life of people living in northern Mexico and Mexican-Americans within the southern United States. One such type of music that is very popular among these people is cumbia, which is a dance-oriented music style originating from afro-Cuban roots that has spread throughout Latin America and wherever Latin Americans settle. Cumbia has grown from its origins across northern Mexico and the southern United States and plays in important role in the cultural…

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  • Transnationalism In Mexico

    Transnationalism is a broad topic which covers distinctive areas such as: political, economic, and cultural exchanges. As bordering countries, the United States and Mexico have comprehensive history of transnationalism. From economic policies, such as the Bracero Program to political policies such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But, what both economic and political policies share is the overwhelming influence that the United States had when determining these policies.…

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  • Woman Hollering Creek Summary

    sheltered life in Mexico, to someone who is trapped in her new life in Texas, due to her role as a woman and because of her marriage. In the story "Woman Hollering Creek", it shows the life of a married woman through a character named Cleófilas, the issues of wanting to live in a fantasy. Instead Cleófilas is a character who is married to a man who does not love her and started to abuse her physically and mentally. In Sandra Cisneros short story, “Woman Hollering Creek” it shifts settings from…

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  • Movie Industy Case Study

    through the multiplex concept which minimizes labor and facility costs. The U.S. exhibitor is highly concentrated with four main players: Regal, AMC, Cinemark, and Carmike. Although studios are expanding internationally, exhibitors are mostly domestic firms. Cinemark is present in Mexico and Central and South American countries, while AMC has global presence from being acquired by Chinese Dalian Wanda Group. In the U.S. domestic market, competition between exhibitors depends on distance from…

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  • Fiestas In Mexico Research Paper

    Top 10 Fiestas In Mexico Latinos know how to have a good time. There are a number of fantastic festivals held across Latin American countries that picking your favorites can be tough. We’ve therefore done the hard bit and narrowed down the fiestas to ten, selecting the best parties in Mexico. So, check out these top celebrations and get your party started. 1. Festival de Mexico We got to start with the main celebration in the country: Festival de Mexico. The fiesta connects well over 50…

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  • Alfonso Cuarón: Film Analysis

    Y tu mamá también showcased Mexican cinema in an interesting light. Made during a time of a major political event, Alfonso Cuarón showed a journey between three protagonist on a roadtrip to encounter the “fictional” Heaven’s Mouth. Along the way, the characters undergo obstacles that threaten the friendship between Tenoch and Julio but undergo a transformative journey. With the usage of narration, characters, and plot and cinematic devices, Cuarón was able to show Mexico’s political, economic…

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  • Factors Of Manifest Destiny

    Which was the idea of Manifest Destiny that called for and brought about the support of expansionism by many citizens. Whenever Americans had a growing interest in land, they sought after it in pursuit of gaining more land. Often times leading to violence and potential wars. Americans justified expansionism by the belief that it was pre-destined by God for it to happen, even when it was at a high cost for others. Because to them even history had declared that the United States would reach…

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  • Graphic Violence In Sicario

    Cast and crew traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Veracruz, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas to capture the look and feel fo the U.S./Mexico border, which is more of a central character in the film, rather than a backdrop. Juarez, Mexicio i the setting, but the only shots of Juarez are arial, as the filmmakers visited Juarez to research and found it too dangerous to film on the ground, according to Men 's…

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  • Symbolism In The Homeland

    Many people see the U.S Mexico border as a marker of territory belonging to the U.S and the territory belonging to Mexico. However, to many others the border symbolizes and means much more than that. Gloria Anzaldua, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Alejandro Lugo speak of these other meanings that many times are swept under the rug. In The Homeland, Aztlan from Borderlands: La Frontera, Gloria Anzaldua speaks of the differences between the experiences of people living on the U.S side of the border and…

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