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  • Odysseus: The Egotistic Hero In The Incredibles

    if he would turn into one to. Instead of letting the spell work he took his sword and “rushed her fast as if to run her through” (page 240 line 360). Even knowing that he could die he still chooses to enter her palace, and continues to have courage and rushes her with his sword. He continues his cleverness by freeing his men. As food is being served to him he chooses not to eat it. This prompts Circe to ask why he is upset. This lets Odysseus demand his comrades get set free saying that if she wants him to eat than she has to “set them free, all of my beloved comrades” (page 242 line 226). As he does this, it moves Circe enough to set his men free. He is able to stay concentrated on his mission to free his men, even as he is treated like a god. After he frees his men from Circe, he lost his hope of ever going back home. He was lost in paradise not wanting to leave and complete his mission. Finally, after a year went by his comrades “urging brought my stubborn spirit round” finally made him think of going home (page 245 line 524). Even after he saves his crew and completes his mission Circe finds one of his flaws and keeps him on her island for a year. As Odysseus gets royal treatment, he loses all hope of ever going home. As Odysseus is facing the challenge of making his way through Charybdis and Scylla he demonstrates his heroic quality of courage and cleverness. He first shows courage when he attempts to battle Scylla. He acts confidently and in control by putting on his…

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  • The Role Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

    In the story The Odyssey, Odysseus is seen as heroic because of his determination, and his strategic actions throughout his journey. In the beginning of the story, Odysseus is put in a position where Poseidon is angry with him and his men after they ate some of his sheep on Poseidon’s isle. Poseidon then continuously kept him adrift at sea, which kept him from going home. Throughout the rest of the story, Odysseus endured many different hardships in order to return to his beloved. Through his…

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  • Odysseus's Challenges In The Book 10 Of The Odyssey

    The luxuries that Circe offers Odysseus allures him to stay with her “till a year had run its course” (507). The luxuries deeply consumed his mortality, as it took him an entire year until he snapped out of this fantasy and back to his main priority, reaching his homeland. In addition to, his new focus revolves mainly on “feasting in [Circe’s] halls” (480). He deeply disregards his return home by focusing on the elegant presence, taking in Circe’s valuables as long as possible to fulfill his…

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  • Elpenor: Compare And Contrast In 'The Odyssey'

    Journal Book 11 : Elpenor Compare and Contrast : In The Odyssey, by Homer, many of Odysseus’ men die during the journey. They die from monsters and gods. One of the men that dies is Elpenor at Circe’s house. When Odysseus reached the underworld, souls of people come and talk to him, in which included Elpenor. He says “After I went to sleep on Circe 's house, I did not notice how to go down again by the long ladder, but fell headlong from the roof; my neck was broken in its socket, and my soul…

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  • The Homecoming: The Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    lying one very close to another. There is Doulichion and Same, wooded Zakynthos, but my island lies low and away, last of all on the water…" (bk. 9, ln. 21-25). Odysseus paints us a picture of Ithaca which signifies his wife and son were not the only ones he missed about Ithaca but also the small beautiful things such as the mountains and the leaves. In the last line of the quote, Odysseus uses the phrase “my island,” indicating that no matter where he is, Ithaca will always be home to him and…

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  • Odysseus Lack Of Leadership In Homer's Odyssey

    For instance, Odysseus’ men ate Helios’ cattle while he was in “ sleep” resulting in their deaths (Homer 625 l. 699). If Odysseus did not leave his crew with a cattle in the times of their craving for food, he could have in some way, prevent the dreadful event. Therefore, it can be stated that Odysseus neglected his duty. However, this piece of indication can not argue for Odysseus lack of leadership, for it was his men disobedience and impulsiveness that cause the tragedy. Considering the fact…

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  • The Homecoming Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    In Homer’s epic The Odyssey, the poet narrates a story of the homecoming of the Greek hero Odysseus after the Trojan war. Through narrating his readers Odysseus’s journey home, Homer gives many instances where women, mortals and immortals, have contributed to the success of the homecoming of Odysseus, indicating the importance of women during the Greek hero’s long and suffering journey back home. Odysseus has received numerous help from different female characters such as Athena, Nausikaa, and…

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  • Summary Of Odysseus Trojan War

    Fixated on earning glory, Odysseus makes a series of questionable decisions, such as taunting the cyclops and ignoring the warnings of powerful Circe. Odysseus is both stubborn and impulsive when trying to secure fame for himself, endangering his men one moment and then attempting to protect them the next. With an intense craving for prestige that is even visible to the Sirens, Odysseus truly displays his motivations within this stint of his journey. It is clear that the iron-willed Odysseus…

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  • The Challenges Of Odysseus Desires In Homer's Odyssey

    and riches. In many instances, the men give into their desires in hope of personal gain. They often do so without thinking, causing major problems for the rest of the shipmates. The voyage home is negatively affected after the crew gives in to the temptation of the Lotus-eaters, seductive women such as Circe and Calypso, the bag of Aeolus’ winds, and Helios’ Cattle. Although the immediate impact of these events appears detrimental to Odysseus’ crew, the experiences in which Odysseus and his men…

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  • Personal Essay: The Hero And Hero Of Odysseus

    responsible for the lives of the men who died at the hands of the cyclops. Unlike the previous interaction with his men, when sailing away from Polyphemus, Odysseus allows his men to stop him from hurting Eurylochus. Keeping Eurylochus alive is not a sign that Odysseus has become any less stubborn. The sole reason Odysseus does not kill Eurylochus is that he would seem cruel by others, affecting his reputation, both as a leader and a person. Again, the root of Odysseus’ actions is his quest for…

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