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  • Citigroup Failure

    JPMorgan Chase may be Citigroup’s top competition. Ranking 23rd in Fortune’s list of the top 500 companies, compared to Citigroup’s rank as 29th, JPMorgan Chase proves to be some stiff competition for Citigroup. Another top competitor of Citigroup is HSBC Holdings. This company ranked 35th in Financial Times Global 500, an annual list of the world’s largest companies where the greater the stock market value, the higher the ranking. Citigroup was right behind HSBC coming in at number 40. Rounding out Citigroup’s top 3 competitors is Bank of America Corporation. This banking giant is ranked 26th and 37th in on the Fortune 500 and Financial Times Global 500, respectively. Citigroup definitely has some stiff competition in the banking world, but as one of the largest banks worldwide, the company is holding its own fairly…

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  • Citibank Case Analysis

    Introduction Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later First National City Bank of New York. Citibank is one of the world’s largest retail banks. Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup and is a global bank with 3,777 branch locations in 36 countries. The United States is the largest single market with approximately 26% of branches which generating 51% of revenues. Citibank's 983 North American branches are concentrated in major…

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  • Wells Fargo Business Analysis

    Wells Fargo is one of the major banks that provide various financial services to customers both in and out of the United States. It is also an organization that satisfies Swales’ (2010, pp. 466-479) six criteria for discourse community from various aspects. Wells Fargo shapes its company culture to two major criteria, they are the culture of caring and the culture of “One Wells Fargo” (Wells Fargo, n.d.). It embeds its culture into its daily operation and customer service. Its beliefs and…

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  • Iceland Case Study

    companies had failed. This crisis caused taxpayers $124 billion dollars and caused many people their life savings. Thousands of savings and loans executives went to jail for luting their companies. By the late 1990s the financial sector had consolidated into a few huge firms. Each of them so large that their failure could threaten the whole system. The Clinton Administration helped them grow even larger. In 1998, Citicorp and Travelers merged to form Citigroup, the largest financial service…

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  • J. P. Morgan Chase Case Study

    of the layout of retail banking in the United States (2008 annual report). Did it do well or badly? JPMorgan did quite well during financial crisis, especially compared to its peers. For instance, HSBC USA Inc. and Citigroup Inc. had a negative net income, ROAA and ROAE, but J.P. Morgan Chase had no loss and even made a relatively big net income (Appendix 3). The most important reason for the well-done behavior of JPMorgan during financial crisis is it keep stable and insists its judgment to…

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  • Citigroup Inc Case Study

    (NYSE:C) has a single tier board structure with several Committees for managing the governance affairs and for omission of management. As per the corporate governance guidelines of Citigroup, the standing committees of the Board are the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, the Recruits and Reimbursement Committee, the Nomination, Governance and Public Affairs Committee and the Risk Management and Finance Committee. The presence of these Committees highlights the critical areas requiring…

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  • Lehman Brothers Financial Crisis

    Firstly I find the Citi timeline from 2002-2014. It is worth to mention that The World Trade Center Office of Citigroup destroyed in 2001 “9.11”.During 2002, Citigroup gave suggestions to IBM to buy PWC Consulting. Cause of collapse of the Internet-stock bubble, from 2002-2005 the American, Japan government and Prices Charles increase the supervisor on Citigroup. During 2004 Citigroup Focus on the Social responsibility, Build of the brand, and sustainability of the global environment. During…

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  • Best Company Case Study

    reflected how companies were rated based on corporate diversity in the workplace. The survey was primarily based on progress made by the selected companies toward addressing workplace diversity, since Calvert’s previous report that was concluded in 2010. The survey assessed topics such as, but was not limited to, women holding executive positions (among top five highest paid), number of women and minorities on a company’s board of directors, and an organizations’ approach to promoting…

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  • Citibank Case Study

    Citigroup Case Analysis The purpose of this paper is to debate the pros and cons of Citigroup's entry into the Chinese financial market and their ability to adapt to this foreign culture. Team B debated both sides of the case with strong arguments for and against Citigroup's ability to adapt. The paper will present both sides and conclude with Team B's final agreement on Citigroup's success or failure to adapt in the Chinese financial market. Historical Operations Citibank has operated in…

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  • Hypothetical Portfolio: Growth Dividend Discount Model

    Hypothetical Portfolio Our equally weighted portfolio includes Apple (AAPL), Whole Foods Market (WFM), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Citigroup (C), and Nordstrom (JWN). All of the companies chosen are paying dividends quarterly, and make up to 6.557% of S&P 500 as of today. From 2011 until today we see that our portfolio has had, return-wise, a similar performance to the S&P 500 with around 11% annual returns. Also, the correlation coefficient of 0.85 tells us that our portfolio is highly…

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